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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - December 2017

Humanity is moving towards an increased polarisation in this bifurcation phase, which means that more and more individuals on a path of Ascension are revolving around the positive polarity, or in other words the Service to Others; while individuals maintaining their existence based on the ego filters and thus on the personality begin to descend further and further into the meanders of the Service to Self and the negative polarity, which focuses on personal satisfaction rather than a life of service to the Greater Good.

The current energies present upon Earth are urging us to transmute within ourselves everything that is not divine, everything that is not organic, which is everything that is not True, Authentic, Sensible and in alignment with our true reason for incarnation to the Earth in this time of individual and collective spiritual deliverance.

The artificial matrix has penetrated and infiltrated all the inferior layers of our being, through its programming, its traumas and its intentions which are at the opposite of those of our soul, thus driving us to misrepresent and distort ourselves so as to exist, in other words to hide our true identity, our true values, our true hopes for the future of this civilisation and all the life forms harboured on this planet.

Our beings can no longer bear the burdensome and defeatist atmosphere lead by the humans disconnected from their soul. We are eager to Evolve, eager to experience the complete upheaval of this civilisation which has been indoctrinated since its very beginnings, and we are eager to become Sovereign again.

As two paths are revealed throughout this Ascension and Liberation cycle, one continues to move towards accepting and consenting more to this old enslaving and controlling system, enticed by the illusory promises of a life disconnected from the Divine serving the machine (transhumanism); while the other one is moving towards a more and more profound lifting of the veils which, up until now, were obstructing its relationship with the rest of the cosmos.

Human beings "augmented" by the artificial intelligence do not understand they are increasingly cutting themselves off from what truly made them "humans", trusting skilfully orchestrated narratives of those hoping to annihilate any form of humanity - or in other words of divinity - within the human race, which they consider their colony on a planet they consider their laboratory.

As a result of their lack of profound desire to break through the illusion and denial, human beings who accept these agendas are moving towards a future that is increasingly devoid of any meaning where the rat race for technological objects inside as well as around us will be stronger than any interest for Life and what it was originally created for.

The youngest generations are the most targeted by these campaigns and the massive promoting of artificial intelligence, enticed by promises always more flattering to the ego and personality, at the expenses of their inner being, he who can exist solely because the divine runs through him.

How many humans still think to this day that we are but the fruit of a "natural" evolution? That life is but chance, and good or bad luck, and live, not in alignment to the Universal Laws - ignoring even their existence - but according to the survival of the fittest principles? Unfortunately, here, the fittest means the one willing to destroy those on his way, willing to deceive them also, or to betray his own heart so as to satisfy his own personal needs. This inverted aspect of the Force is indeed far from the true Universal Force, the greatest Force that could exist in the Universe, which is no other that the infinite Power of Love.

Love is so misunderstood upon this planet. Human beings believe they know Love, while they only experience a limited, tarnished or even perverted version. Love is far different from matrix, religious or spiritual clichés. Love is a power, THE power that animates all organic forms of Life.

For Love is the unique Energy, the unique Force which enables the conception of any kind of Creation of Service to Life.

In the Universe there are only 2 kind of Forces. The forces striving for Life and those striving for the Anti-Life, that is the destruction of the Divine, of the organic.

Those who work in alignment with God (aside from any religion), which is to say with the Universal Intelligence, the creative force which synchronises the very principle of Existence; and those who attempt to defy God with the artificial intelligence, an inorganic power that destroys everything on its way, that destroys the divine substance within the Creation.

Today, Humans are not sufficiently evolved in terms of their Awareness of the Universal Laws that surround them, of their understanding of the sciences behind the Ascension and the nature of their own existence, to be able to handle technology in alignment with said natural Laws. If they consent to be gradually replaced by the machine, human beings will be on the road to their loss.

The machine is an inorganic body, it is no longer connected to the divine, to the Life Force that rules the entire Universe and organises our existences, for our greatest spiritual maturation.

An inorganic body can not feel emotions and therefore have empathy, unlike humans when still connected to their soul through an active heart chakra. An artificially animated body, or in an automated, purely mental way, is then easily programmed and made to conform to other disconnected bodies, becoming one single hive-mind, ruled by the same inferior drive and walking in the same direction, that of its annihilation.

The ability to feel Love and sincere emotions, is what will in the future differentiate human beings who will have maintained their soul sovereignty, from those who will have bought into the promises of an augmented reality that promotes the ego and its quest for superiority, choosing to gradually self-destruct rather than giving up an existence based upon the illusion of domination and possession.

The soul does not possess anything but the substance it is made of.

And this substance can not be bought. This substance can not be augmented by any intelligence other than the universal intelligence.

This substance is the fruit of all the combined intentions of a being,

Its quality is the result of all of his choices,

Its perfume that of his Heart.

This substance, when chosen to be cultivated, is Love.

But this love, once again, is not of this World.

This Love is the force which, no matter how much we defiled ourselves, is what allows us to always move towards Beauty, Truth and Harmony.

This Love is the force which we feel when everything around is collapsing, when everything becomes difficult, telling us to hold on and that our Service is not Vain.

This Love is the hope driving us, that inexhaustible Faith in a wonderful tomorrow for the collective. Because our existence only makes sense if it is experienced collectively.

Humans were not created to experience alone. Each human being belongs to this Great Experiment, that has failed multiple times in the Past.

Do we wish to make the same mistakes over again?

Do we wish to destroy the human prototype to the point where we must begin the whole experience all over again from scratch?

Until we have understood the true reason behind this experience, its various cosmic origins, the amount of races who have participated in the creation of this "human" prototype - originally meant to be a vehicle for God, a vehicle for Christ Consciousness able to incarnate a multidimensional consciousness of service to the Universal Laws; we will remain condemned to wander within the ignorance of our true nature, thereby giving way to those who will take advantage of us having, consciously or unconsciously, given up of our true Power, that of Universal Love. The one which rules the Universes.

So, how could we use this Love on a daily basis, so as to help us overcome this extremely difficult and chaotic phase humanity is now going through, which is the discovery of its true multidimensional and galactic nature, and the discovery that it is not alone in the Universe and the Earth is inhabited by multiple souls coming from various areas of the cosmos?

We must understand our bodies are like "tanks" that fill up or empty out depending on the quality of the energies with which we ally, according to our choices, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

The tank fills up when it is saturated with the Energy of True Love (true Love and not the conditional human love, which may judge as soon as it no longer suits the ego's desires), which is the frequency of Harmony.

The tank empties when it is saturated with energies of Fear, of violence, of judgement, of division, which are the frequency of disharmony.

How many human beings live in disharmony? Inner disharmony, since their cognitive dissonance causes them to live completely out of alignment with the true desires and virtues of their soul?

Disharmony depletes, the ego slowly consumes the being's fire and all of his bodies for they can no longer be nourished by Divine Love, by the substance that vivifies and harmonises the cells of the christic vehicle meant to be able to host the highest forms of Consciousness, of Service to Others and of Service to the Creation.

Like soLove is the only remedy.

It is the only antidote which can save Humanity from its annihilation.

True Universal Love is not a flaw nor a weakness, unlike the Service to Self races have wrongfully taught humanity so as to have it close its heart in favour of its "logical" and mental intelligence.

Human beings still have no idea of what their emotions and the heart intelligence are, even though it is what allows them to see through the illusions.

The heart can see through the holograms, it can see lies, it can detect truth.


And this is the reason why humans' heart is targeted like so.

As long as human beings will keep on inverting their centres of perception of reality, prioritising the mind at the expenses of the heart, they will be fooled, perverted, or even condemned.

The only way they will be able to free themselves will be through the understanding of the true Power and meaning of Universal Love, of the Service to Others, of giving up the personality for the soul so as to reconnect to the Power of the cosmic intelligence that welcomes all those who, from the bottom of their soul, strive to come back to the Perfection of their being.

But this Perfection is not for personal agendas, it is for selfless purposes. It what the soul desires, the soul which only exists for Serving the Divine plane, individualised but within a Living Collective and in permanent expansion.

May we fervently strive to reconnect with this Creative Force, this Life Force which animates each one of our cell, at every instant of our lives, even when we are asleep, when we go about our daily routines, and even when we are too distracted to feel any gratitude for it.

True Love does not expect recognition. It Is.

But when the Laws of Harmony have been violated for too long, the entire Force of the Cosmos deploys, a Force which, through the Power of Universal Intelligence and the devotion of those of Service to the Greater Good, may straighten a destiny.

Which destiny are we hoping for Humanity?

We are all pieces of the puzzle of the collective's destiny.

May we never forget this Truth.

Laura Marie - December 2017 Newsletter - Love For Only Remedy - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa of Sovereign · Planet.


Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy:

L'Amour Comme Seul Remède:

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