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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - April 2016

The acceleration of time is more and more palpable. The manifestation of our thoughts is increased a tenfold.

Those who are "reconnected" with their true nature are now evolving at very high speed. Humanity is now dividing into two, with on the one side Consciousness growing in importance and grounding itself more and more on Earth, and on the other, unconsciousness and deviance worsening more and more. Exactly the way it happened in the Past already, at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Our human civilisation is not the first one to have existed upon this planet. Planet Earth is more than 4,5 billion years old and the History we were given is far from being the one that has really been occurring for millions of years.

Many were already incarnated in Atlantis and/or in Lemuria for instance, and are coming back today to carry on this work of emancipation of the planet, from the forces that have enslaved it. Until the human civilisation understands what it is being a "victim" of, then no external saviour can set it free. The transformation must come from inside of each human being, and the will to free ourselves from the beliefs, dogmas and mind programming we were subjected to, must overcome the fear of facing the truth. Denial is indeed the worst virus having infected humans and it is what, to this day, still enables such a refusal to accept another version of the reality that we were presented with for thousands of years.

Humanity is at the hands of various extra-terrestrial civilisations at work with some of the highest factions of the government. The infiltration of these very same civilisations had already happened, in particular within the Atlantean civilisation, causing its ruin and its moral and spiritual decline and fall. Atlantis was a very advanced civilisation technologically speaking, but only hardly spiritually. And the civilisation slowly divided into two : those who were of service to "The Law of One" and those we called the "Sons of Belial". Belial is another name given to the one who later became Satan in religions. And since all that is left unhealed reoccurs until it is being transmuted, our current civilisation is reproducing those same mistakes of the past. Our technological development is far ahead our spiritual development and the Earth is being destroyed by this technology, in just the same way humans are being destroyed by what is supposed to heal or feed them. Abuse is present in every field : abuse of power by elected human leaders, by pharmaceutical and food industries, by the military industrial complexes, by the medias... and the list goes on. Humans who are unaware of these realities (and whom make up a large percentage of the global population) are the last link of the chain, used as guinea pigs for all sorts of human, but also, and mainly, extra-terrestrial agendas.

Since 2012, the "positive" extra-terrestrial civilisations who care for the fate of the Earth and this humanity, have been hard at work to pierce through this matrix that had been circling around the planet for thousands of years, throwing it into ignorance and thus into the utmost submission. The energetic grid placed around the the Earth by some ET factions, allowed to make it impossible for the souls that were imprisoned in this matrix to reconnect to their true nature, and was triggering their forced reincarnation. It is in this way that many humans have been trapped on this planet and in this human form for thousands and thousands of years, accumulating karma, implants, and all forms of defiling and genetic deviances purposefully inseminated into their bodies (physical, mental, emotional, etheric and even beyond).

Many traps have been placed upon the path of the human civilisation for those who would eventually manage to pull their heads above water and understand the immense deception and manipulation they were subjected to : religions being on top of the list, closely followed by the New Age, mixing up many truths to many lies and false hints so as to get those who begin to understand lost and to lead them on paths that will divert them from their true liberation - drowning them into new beliefs and throwing them into different forms of denial. Like so, there is no difference between an "unconscious / ignorant" human (and this is being said without any form judgement) and a human believing to be "awakened" but remaining in denial of everything he deems being "negative". This is how many "spiritual teachers" do not wish to loose their popularity by speaking of negative extra-terrestrial agendas, of the suffering in the World, of the sacrificing of children, etc. People do not wish to talk about these things as they prefer to hear reassuring things, being afraid to open their eyes upon the greatest "conspiracy" humanity has been subjected to.

There is nothing more painful for a human being than seeing one of his deep beliefs being exposed and destroyed. It is an entire world collapsing and the shock it triggers is such that the person can loose their life, or loose their mind. The things that were brought to my awareness for the most part since 2012 (even though since birth, I have been feeling some form of "predation" upon this planet without being able to explain it) and that I am now publicly sharing, are not for those who would rather turn a blind eye or find excuses so as not to question their way of thinking and their beliefs system. They are distressing, intense, and require a immense work in order to withstand it once the awakening has occurred.

Only those who will be willing, deeply willing, to understand and to do the work that is required, which will come as a result of this newfound awareness; will be able to truly evolve and most of all to become free. To free themselves from any conditioning, programming, and to free their soul so that it can become sovereign again. The biggest mistake is to think that the manipulation is only happening on Earth and that our souls are protected from all of this since they reside "beyond the 3rd dimension"... Unfortunately this is wrong. And it is actually our souls that are of interest for those who feed off of their usurpation and their corruption. And this "hunt" carries on even after we have left our physical bodies. Some being more or less aware of it, depending on the time they would have spent in this matrix, and depending on their origins. Those who have come in order to dismantle this matrix and to inform as many humans as possible on the manipulation it was being subjected to, are more likely to recover their "memory" faster, as is the case for the starseeds (extra-terrestrial consciousnesses incarnated upon Earth). But what does extra-terrestrial mean? It all depends on where we are standing. If I stand on another planet, then, it is the humans that suddenly become "extra-terrestrial"... or "extra-neptunians", "extra-plutonians", and the same goes for other galaxies and Universes.

As you probably already noticed if you have been reading my articles for a while now, I have been going crescendo in the transmission of these information. And in France, since about 2 years ago when I started talking about them, we have witnessed a huge boom regarding these topics. It is both positive, but at the same time, it also leads to great confusion. More and more humans are awakening and more and more "teachers" are appearing, but few realise the responsibility of what they are teaching. Vibrational discernment must imperatively be developed by each one us so as not to fall for the numerous traps that will be set out for anybody beginning to embark on the path of reconnection to their true soul identity and their true liberation. This path is one that implies a true work, and a true discipline, and it is far from being a game or a "hobby" that one can practice for an hour or 2 per week nor even per day. Consciousness is a state that must be permanent if we do not wish to go one step ahead and then two steps backwards, nor to get lost on the way.

The "awakening" phase is probably the most difficult one. First because the shock of "discovering" this information (discover for humans that were previously unconscious, and "remember" for the starseeds) is tough. The awakening phase is a deep internal upheaval which then requires several external adjustments. It is impossible to carry on living in the same way we did before, once we are awakened to the Truth of what is going on upon Earth and in the Cosmos. Our relationships are impacted, our idea of "work", the place we live in, our activities, all of that must be reorganised so as to match with this new Awareness of Reality now driving us. And the pain we feel if we decide to ignore what was brought to our awareness, so as to fall back into the illusion or into ignorance is then often unbearable. Oftentimes the use of certain substances will be needed by some, so as to "fall back asleep" (drugs, medication, alcohol...). Because our body is programmed to evolve and to reactivate, the Ascension process is a "natural" one that was purposefully countered by certain forces through manipulating the human DNA and maintaining it on a particular frequency so as to prevent them from reactivating their dormant DNA strands.

Just as a Healthy state is a natural state, and illness deliberately provoked; the same goes for Consciousness. Consciousness is our natural state, unconsciousness is entirely provoked : by entertainment, distraction, stupefying through television, series and movies, mental programming of the medias, the scientific poles and religions. All of this, so as to counter the natural process of Harmony and Evolution.

Human beings are not evil. They have deliberately been made ignorant and egocentric. Everything from their birth, is done so that everything they see, drink, eat or listen to, programs them into forgetting who they really are and to become what we want them to become : a machine plugged onto a collective consciousness that would self-destroy by the day.

We have evolved technologically but we have not evolved spiritually. Some civilisations said to be "primitive" were far more aware than most part of humans today. The degree of violence on television, of sex without consciousness and of stupefying of the masses is unprecedented, nowadays. Without mentioning the tremendous progress of transhumanism expanding each day a little more.

What is transhumanism?

Transhumanism is the act of fusing Man with the Machine. It is, according to some scientists, the height of technological advancement, and will be sold to humans as the scientific revolution for the benefit of humans. These so-called "technological progress" will be announced to humans as being made to help them, to heal them, to protect them, to repair them... Our emotions will be used so as to have us accept what we would normally never accept. But what many ignore, are the consequences of the fusion of an organic body with artificial intelligence on the soul. These consequences are disastrous, but this will soon be the topic of a future file specifically dedicated to transhumanism.

Most positive ET civilisations sent to Earth (who are incarnated or present for guiding through human channels, and here we talk about the rare ones that are not infiltrated nor manipulated by the "false light"), are here in order to modify this disastrous future towards which human beings are heading : the complete disconnection from their soul caused by the fusion with the machine, which prevents the consciousness from being "plugged" onto the physical body, so that the physical body can then be used by other hosts. This is what happened to the "greys" civilisation who are but the humans of today who have accepted transhumanism and the fusion of their own body with artificial technology and who have then regressed and digressed, to the point of having entirely infected their genetics and no longer being able to reproduce. Even our own current medical field is predicting it : by 3 generations only, men will be infertile. So what will humanity be like in 500 years? 1000 years? Most E.T.s agendas planned for the Humans are spread out over hundreds of years, but some individuals are aware of these agendas since their very beginnings and are here to inform others. Unfortunately, too few yet understand that this is not science fiction, but the actual truth that was purposefully hidden from us since our beginnings. This is the reason why many starseeds have come to incarnate here into human bodies, so as to help human beings open their eyes and hearts, these are the indigos and starseeds whom I am now asked to reawaken in mass. For many have gotten lost in the matrix just like other humans have and the urgency is here, today far less are awakened in comparison to what was planned.

The time has come to ally our forces, no matter our origins, and for all those who strive for the same cause, for the same goal of emancipation, to join forces.

Everything is being done so as to divide the lightworkers, more than ever, and many forget that by attacking their colleagues, they let the darkness strive through them. Divide and rule is indeed the number 1 tactic of these extra-terrestrial and interdimensional civilisations and as a lightworker, each time we see people suddenly turning against us for no reason or accusing us of all sorts of things we have not done, it is difficult to remain centred and to not feel anger or injustice, or worse, betrayal. But now we must be strong enough, and, especially, be Aware of how these forces behave and infiltrate human beings who are often not aware that they are not always the only ones thinking in their heads, and that they may be influenced by some entities into "believing" things that will create conflicts and drama. In particular within the lightworkers teams and within conscious people. Unity being our Strength, the opposing forces will do everything so that we are divided. Because we could not do anything alone. Darkness, on the other hand, is perfectly organised.

Thus, we understand why working on ourselves and on identifying our thoughts (organic thoughts or artificial intelligence thoughts or mental programming) at every moment as well as working on our emotional stability (which may arise through the healing of our wounds) is crucial. The negative ego and emotional instability are indeed the 2 main "flaws" allowing these forces to introduce themselves into a human being so as to make them create disharmony. Like so, a good way of discerning if somebody really strives for the Light or is being used by dark forces (negative E.T.s and demonic entities or of the astral), is to see if they create Harmony or Disharmony. Of course, this is only a first step in your discernment, as the following filters are still numerous in order to truly be able to discern the energy driving an individual as well as the forces whom it has allied with. This requires a lot of attention and experience, and the humans who have this level of vibrational discernment still remain rare. So as to be able to discern, one must indeed know of these forces, and those in denial of their existence are therefore more likely to be used and manipulated since they are not able to recognise them, which is the case for most humans (even if sometimes it is only temporary), including in so-called "awakened" spheres. True awakening and true mastery go beyond knowing the very existence of these realities, it is a work of all time that will be eternal. Consciousness can not take holidays, as some are on the watch and all they are waiting for is for us to be off-guards or to lower our vigilance so they may attack us. And do not get mistaken, vigilance, discipline and Consciousness are very different from paranoia and fear. They are actually two entirely different worlds that can not co-exist.

Lets become examples of Conscious human beings, Awakened to their true nature, so as to, in turn, plant the seeds of awakening into each person we will cross path with.

Lets not wait for the World to awaken or for our circle to "understand us" before being Who We Are and incarnate What we now know. Many are those still hiding themselves for fear of being ridiculed. But if we are surrounded by people who refuse these realities, we must wonder why do they remain in our lives? Why do we choose to lie to ourselves so as not to question others? Why do we choose not to vibrate our true frequency (directly connected to our degree of Awareness of the reality surrounding us and of Awareness of ourselves), so as not to disturb the frequency of somebody else or the entities gravitating around them to maintain us at the lowest? Why do we choose to sustain a lifestyle that does not honour our body, nor who we are and what we do know, and which makes us give our consent to all these things being able to exist and persist?

The power lies in our hands, and always has. Except that humans were too many to have forgotten. Never in our History has Humanity ever questioned this much the medias' and the establishment's version, never have "conspiracy theories" (that are for the most part far from being "theories") been so popular, including and especially amongst the youth. Something unique and Lifechanging for this current human civilisation is happening : the discovery / the realisation / the remembering that we are not alone in the Universe and that a multitude of other civilisations exist and have been involved in the creation process of this civilisation (positive and negative) and have interacted or interfered with humanity since its beginnings. The shock will be very intense for the humans who are the least prepared and the "weakest" psychologically and emotionally or the most indoctrinated into belief systems, but the time will inevitably come. What we call the time of "extra-terrestrial disclosure" can not be held much longer, and the leaders of this World know it, which is why they are preparing their own version of these events that will go in their preferred direction (which is that they are here to protect us against those E.T.s and not that they are at work with them). The confusion that will then reign upon Earth will be such that if from now on we have not done our work of preparation for this phase Humanity will have to go through, then we will likely become lost when the time comes, and yet again be manipulated.

Many of us are currently transforming by the day, to the point where we are having a hard time looking back, as if it were not us. I have often mentioned this feeling but it intensifies by the day, by the months. We are literally mutating and so at every level. We are reactivating parts of ourselves that were unused thus far, and pieces of our Consciousness are brought back to us that we were previously unable to integrate into our physical bodies as they were not ready to welcome this frequency. Ascension, once again, is not about going somewhere else, or teleporting into the 5th dimension.... Ascension is bringing down our multidimensional consciousness into our physical body, integrating it fully and having done a sufficient work of emotional and physical purification so as to enable this process. It is not about going anywhere else but here and be anywhere else but in the Now. Besides, the present moment is a key point of this process. The present moment, is being centred in the heart, slowly leaving the mind and negative ego that are but the preferred tools of those forces playing us. The Earth is their playground and human beings are but pawns whom they make to do all sorts of insanities to each others and also to our animal brothers.

Others' judgement won't matter much to us when we will witness our children being chipped and when the army or police forces will be but robots with free reins. This is not science fiction. Movies have actually prepared us to this reality and have had us consent to these cleverly orchestrated agendas. We must now be brave enough to face this reality, to defend ourselves from it and to create another reality, not only for ourselves, but on a large scale, for as many people as possible.

And to do so, the transmission of this information, without being afraid of other's judgements, will be the KEY to the awakening and emancipation of Humanity.

Laura Marie - April 2016 Newsletter - History Repeats Itself - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie from the Harmonic Universe Academy:

- L'Histoire se Répète:

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