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Sovereign Humanity.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Sovereign Humanity - Ocen Clean up

[ [Video of French people of "Project Rescue Ocean", gathering to clean the beach in the South of France as governments refuse to get involved and have other priorities and agendas, the ever so usual fighting immigration, enforcing security, and economic growth.].

A wonderful example of what is a sovereign humanity, uniting, reclaiming its power, reclaiming its planet, protecting and cherishing it! No need for the current "governments"... This is only the beginning! ūüíē‚ú®

As humanity realises the depth of the lies and manipulation that lies behind our "governments", we will understand the power reigns within us, individually and collectively. Fighting the Industrial giants upfront is an impossible fight to win. Hence why it is time to take our responsibilities and persist in implementing the changes in our daily lives, as individuals but also as a humanity. Time to become a sufficiently mature specie, that needs not to be governed, but instead understands deep within its core the importance of respecting, protecting and cherishing all forms of life - not because it was told to do so, but because this is what the ‚Äúhuman‚ÄĚ part means in human-being.


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