July 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

There are more and more of us now watching the 3D reality happening before our eyes like a movie, or more so like a theatre play, with the various actors and puppets it is made of.

As we first witnessed the American elections a few month prior and felt the increasingly overwhelming manipulations of the medias, as well as the increase in overtly displaying satanism and its various agendas, nobody currently on a path of awakening - to the terrestrial and cosmic reality - was expecting anything less from the French elections.

The separation of humanity is increasingly palpable with on the one side those who see behind the scenes of the reality we are shown, as well as the agendas behind the mockery presented to the human People; and one the other those who remain plugged onto the collective hypnosis, that is the collective mind control matrix which, if we do not work consciously and substantially to unplug ourselves from, manipulates our perceptions entirely, as well as our consent.

In a Universe made up of various forces (energetic currents) each with their own agendas, consent is the very first thing to obtain from those whom we wish to use, in order to avoid finding ourselves breaking cosmic laws. Like so, for the luciferian, satanist and various other E.T. factions of service to self, it is essential they expose their agendas clearly so they may later be able to say "they [human beings] were aware and they complied wilfully".

This is how many "catastrophes" (such as 9/11 in 2001 for instance) were shown to human beings beforehand in movies, so as to be able to obtain their distorted consent. It is the primary function of the movie and media industry - owned by the Illuminatis - to use what we call a "movie" (or even a "program" such as in "TV programs") in order to program the human mind and gain their consent - as well as collecting their energy when they will experience many different emotions throughout the movie. The human subconscious is targeted as it is through their subconscious that most of human beings operate. Indeed, they have yet to develop spiritual maturity and integrate their soul into their physical body thus most of their choices are "unconscious", which means they do not come from their soul / Consciousness but from their mental body and all its programmings.

Most human beings are still ignorant of the cosmic war in which humanity was thrown for thousands of years, and of the fights between various forces taking place on the Earth and in the Cosmos, as well as of the fact that humanity is a colony of these E.T. factions (mainly Annunakis / reptilian) and that for them the Earth is but a giant experiment laboratory. Human life is not of their interest, just like any form of life for that matter, since on the contrary they strive for anti-Life, which is the true meaning of the "Anti-Christ". The "Christ", represents Life, the original human and everything that is organic. The Anti-Christ, satanism and Lucifer, represent the beings and individuals, humans and non humans, who chose to strive for Anti-Life. These beings hold many "secret" societies established upon the Earth and elsewhere in the Universe, that are being increasingly exposed today by those who were purposefully ridiculed and accused of being "conspiracy theorists" by the medias - said medias being used precisely to program the public opinion.

This war against consciousness being operated upon Earth is intensifying more and more, and we will become increasingly able to perceive the different agendas that are taking place before our eyes, and use our discerning so as to see beyond the illusions and deceptions presented to us.

Never has this humanity been so close to its emancipation and the discovery of the Truth upon what/who has been governing it and throwing it into this dark age - which we will gradually be leaving though not without some difficulty. Since we have never been this far, we must remember that no one knows the details of how things will happen and this will be the same for each of our respective missions, for they are constantly being updated and adjusted according to the unraveling of the Plan and the various events that are taking place. The negative factions use their technology to move forward in time and infiltrate timelines constantly, and the reason why many of us have incarnated today with missions of cosmic disclosure is precisely to attempt to modify this timeline the negative E.T.s took possession of and that was driving humanity straight into the abyss (destruction of vital planetary resources, dehumanisation / transhumanism, hypersexualisation from childhood, destruction of the highest divine moral values, glorifying of psychopathic celebrities, complete disconnection of human beings from their soul, etc.).

This war is mainly operated from other dimensions yet has consequences in the 3D - in a physical manner that is - and is intensifying with humans suffering the energetic debris of those confrontations. This is the reason why many of us are energetically exhausted, become sick or depressed. Those who have gone through their spiritual awakenin are holding on by hook or by crook so as to keep up with the pace of their spiritual reconnection, the Dark Night of the Soul phase being very consuming or even painful. We will then have to gradually deconstruct everything we built on erroneous beliefs of the reality, as well as purifying ourselves from the remains of our negative ego, so as to incarnate our multidimensional consciousness and take up our position.

This can not be done overnight and the first thing we must learn to cultivate is Patience - even though it may seem counterintuitive with everything that humanity is currently experiencing, and when our cellular memories are screaming how much we have had enough with this galactic fight which has been going on in the cosmos for eons and has destroyed and wrecked so much already. Many planets have been destroyed and many civilisations have had to be started over again from scratch because of the interference of these races who fear neither god nor man, think they own Creation and believe they are "gods" themselves.

As I was watching the images celebrating the victory of the new elected president (by 66,06% - 666 being the known number of satanism) in front of the Louvres Pyramid (an Illuminati symbol), on a black and red background (colours of satanism), with women and men dressed in red dancing half naked waving red demon masks; only one word came to me to describe these forces : insolence. To which we can add: grotesque.

These entities are the exact opposite of humility, wisdom, empathy, compassion and Kindness, and are ruled by psychopathy, insolence, arrogance and pride.

Their degree of consideration for the human race is so low that they expose themselves openly, without hiding, feeding off of the satisfaction from seeing humans dancing and singing to their satanic ceremonies and rituals (these are the same processes of the satanic music industry with illuminatis puppets such as Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and many more new recruits that go further and further into the gore, dehumanisation and hypersexualisation).

The ignorance of most human beings currently does not allow them to see what is truly happening, like so their consent and energy are diverted and abused.

The presidential elections have been fully orchestrated with a candidate (the elected president) who was chosen way ahead and is largely supported by all the banks and institutions, as well as by illuminatis celebrities and members of other governments. For such a candidate, emerging out of nowhere and so young, to be elected his opponent had to be the emblem (also fully fabricated) of the French's disgust. The negative E.T. races are experts and masters at staging organised "confrontations", this is called controlled opposition and they are masters at it, manipulating the public opinion of human beings who are still ruled by their fears and beliefs. Most human beings are programmed through mind control from their birth, to react to specific words / concepts / beliefs, it is then very easy to push those buttons so as to have them react the way we want them to react, in order to reach our goal / agenda.

These are exactly the same processes used against "terrorism". Pointing out false enemies so as to obtain the support of the People - ignorant the hidden aspects of reality - then using their own consent to initiate destructive actions and violate the Universal Laws, all of which is added upon the karmic debt of humanity.

All of this must stop and it is the reason why, today, many of us are called upon to take their position, which is to say serve their function and follow the true reason for their incarnation, far from the 3D illusions that have been diverting them from their true identity. These negative forces do not want to see the starseeds reconnect and every attempt is made to eliminate as many as possible through suicide, discouragement, feelings of powerlessness, the fear of speaking about these topics as well as the fear of being our true frequency publicly. Without even mentioning the innumerable attempts to divide the lightworkers through victim / perpetrator programmings, deception, libelling, and tarnishing the reputation of those who came to disclose truths.

This is how each one of us' responsibility applies to deeply and fully strive to no longer be used to divide, criticise, manipulate, lie or feed the artificial matrix through unhealthy, destructive and Anti-Life behaviours. Facebook, an Illuminati and satanic tool, has exacerbated those primitive impulses of the negative ego that are comparison, criticism, defamation, non-respect and character assassination; and many of us now feel a sense of repulsion towards social medias and their inorganic vibration. Indeed, we may use these illuminati tools to work for our missions, but let's never forget we are not playing on our home field, and it is therefore a double-edged sword.

I wanted to write this message most of all to remind ourselves of the importance of mastering our own energies in those times of confusion and external chaos, so we do not forget our energy is not inexhaustible and that we will really need all of our resources to fulfil our missions - which are important for humanity and for the future of many civilisations. Like so, it is advised not to loose too much energy in debating with people that remain under the matrix mind control as it can be very tiring and we must preserve our energy to build the new models for this New Earththis new timeline we came to manifest.

Like so, we must be informed on what is going on and the various agendas at stake, all the while not depleting our energy too much when witnessing the unfurling of these agendas, in particular that of satanism for it is the most violent, insolent, openly and shamelessly exposed. Once again, knowledge is liberating and allows us to identify in real time all the agendas taking place behind the narratives presented to us, and this is the way we may avoid depleting our energy (and so our vital force), when able to identify the hidden agendas. It is the wisest and most spiritually mature behaviour, standing in the middle with on one side denial, and on the other extreme focus on the negative. This is the middle ground, in discerning and identifying, all the while maintaining a high vibration through the mastery of our energetic reservoir and a strong will to no longer get involved in what depletes us energetically.

On the opposite, we will learn to recharge our batteries through everything that is organic : organic food, unconditional love and the innocence of many animals, nature, water, Beauty, harmonious sounds, and following the wishes and missions of our soul.

May serenity and patience remain in our hearts when faced with unconsciousness and insolence, as this will be the only way for us not to be weakened and therefore vulnerable through vibrational fluctuations.

Laura Marie.


Note: Lets be careful not to feed negative feelings (hatred, anger, etc.) towards the elected president as well, for these people are often unaware of what they are being used for and of the consequences of their actions. They are often manipulated by their ego and weaknesses, as this Italian psychiatrist explains in this video when talking about the psychopathic personality of the new President - see article and video here.

( - Laura Marie.

Translated from French by Melissa Deer of Sovereign · Planet.


Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.


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