January 28, 2018, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to update you on a decision I took a few months ago already, but is now manifesting in the physical reality.

Indeed, my physical body is feeling more and more repelled by the idea of "connecting" to social medias. A sort of natural "repulsion" I can not control.

Throughout the years, I have learnt to listen to the signals of my body. They are my guidance in this reality where everything is illusion, or potential illusion.

Like so, along with my heart, my physical body is my only reference when the illusion no longer allows for clarity, and confusion gets through the mind, disconnecting us from the true wishes and objectives of our soul.

A few years ago, almost 8 now, I decided to be of Service to humanity, willingly exposing myself on the internet. For my entire childhood, I used to think there could not be anything worse than loosing one's anonymity.

And yet, I knew that some day I would have to face this harsh reality.

The mission I had the responsibility for required a time of exposure so that the message I came here to share - and will keep on sharing - could be heard.

How could we spread a message alone in a cave?

It is how social medias have been of great help in spreading the desired message.

In that sense, I thank the parameters that made it all to possible.

Today, I embark on the 2nd phase of my spiritual mission. A phase of "withdrawal" where my point of focus will be teaching within the HARMONIC UNIVERSE Academy, for at least the next 10 years, so as to assist humanity in its awakening phase of Ascension and of moving onto a cosmic citizenship - the true reasons for my incarnation down here.

My heart is filled with joy knowing this phase of prolonged exposure is over, at least for now, so that I can recharge my batteries in order to be able to give the best to those who wish to go further into the messages transmitted so far.

For any piece of Truth, whichever it may be, to be fully appreciated one must fervently desire to know it.

Teaching to those who do not wish to change their beliefs is a loss of energy we can no longer afford today in face of the masses of humans awakening and wishing to truly understand the reality that surrounds us.

Therefore, I prefer to direct my teachings in a, let's say, more "organic" way, trusting the idea that all those who will be "ready" to access this level of information will find it. No need for "machines" between us serving as intermediaries.

Machines which are artificial and siphon the vital energy from humans, without their knowing.

These humans, focused on being distracted, feeding off of the life of others, wither energetically while failing to make the connection between their more and more depleted reality and their addiction to social medias.

Today, I take the decision of extracting myself from these artifcial machines so that I can use the entirety of my vital life force for my true mission and raison d'être.

I am not here to be "popular", nor to be distracted, nor to be liked, but to bring a message, several messages in this oh so important phase of Liberation for the human race.

It is obvious that those who ave tried, and will continue to attempt to tarnish my intentions, tarnish my message and discredit me are many, but it is how it is, in a reality where everything is inverted.

The only thing we can do in such situations is to keep on going.

To seek this alignment with the Universal Laws, this alignment with the deep desires of our soul, aside from this temporary reality, so that one day we can leave this Earth at peace with oursleves, because we have accomplished everything we wanted to. Is this not the most beautiful objective we could have?

It is mine, anyway.

This is also the reason why the Facebook group "Nouvelle Génération Consciente" was also closed at the end of January 2018.

From its very beginning in 2014 when it was created, it had grown quite far apart from my original intentions, where some dared promoting their own activity, all the while tarnishing me on the other side.

Is this the coherent world we wish to build?

On that very topic, you will soon discover 2018's first newsletter, dedicated to the developing of conscious communities, one of the main missions of the HARMONIC UNIVERSE Academy in the long run. This mission is to set up models of conscious communities aligned to the Universal Laws, based upon personal maturity and coherence of the beings, understanding their individual and collective responsibility.

In order to keep on receiving the monthly Ascension newsletter, you can subscribe to the Newsletter below and they will be sent to you each month, so as to assist this individual and collective process of Ascension, and of cosmic disclosure. [available in French only].

For those who wish to go further into the teachings provided, you can join the HARMONIC UNIVERSE Academy, which includes an exchange community where I interact with members on a regular basis, in a healthy, friendly and safe environment aiming at the expansion of everyone, in respect and kindnesssomething which is entirely impossible on social medias[available in French only].

I thank you for listening, and wish you all well.

In reverence and Service,
Laura Marie.

Note: my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin accounts have been closed, but for now, my Youtube channel is maintained for obvious reasons of keeping the information available through the videos published.

Translated from French by Melissa Deer of Sovereign · Planet.


Original update in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.