August 2017, by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.

During this important cosmic event (read here the August 2017 Newsletter explaining the Timelines' bifurcation and the energetic impact of the August 21st eclipse)we hope to take this opportunity to set clear intentions regarding the course of our journey, so as to resolve any potential conflict of consent in remaining in the artificial timelinesThis is an ideal time for clarifying our position, for making conscious choices and therefore intentionally move in the direction of the timeline most appropriate to our spiritual Emancipation, as well as that of the entire humanity.

Enslaving of a human being can only be done while they are not aware of their true multidimensional nature and thus of their is true Power, a power far from one that is exerted by force and constraint - as is done for instance by those who sold humanity for their personal interests and who have, up until now, been entrusted with its destiny. Today, humanity's destiny is no longer in their hands, as sufficient numbers of human beings have reached such levels of Consciousness that they may now be able to strive for another reality and align with the Universal Laws and Universal Forces, manifesting a total change of paradigm.

Each person currently present on this planet has a part to play in this Ascension that will become memorable in Humanity's entire experience. Be it to free themselves from the artificial matrix, or to work alongside their brothers and sisters for the creation of a New Earththat will finally be able to get back on its true path of organic evolution.

Together, as a united civilisation and having the same common goal, we will be able to manifest new potential futures for humanity, by understanding the mechanisms of creation of reality, being aware of our true History and cosmic situation, and our Will to get back on a path of union over division. A People which strives to walk in the same direction of Unity and Harmony can manifest miracles.

Here are some suggested intentions to set - if they resonate within us - during this bifurcation phase where we are strongly advised to state our position clearly so as to align with the organic potential futures of Ascension, free from any artificial and synthetic influences, from any interferences, from power and control; so that we may embark on the true path of our soul again, and of its true spiritual evolution.

Suggested Meditation:

Find a quiet and comfortable place, along with some soft music if you wish, and read this text out loud.

Note: you may add or remove sentences or words as you wish depending on what you resonate with.

This meditation was initially suggested at the time of the total eclipse of August 21st, 2017. 

However, this meditation / declaration of intention can be used at any time of our Life when we wish to clearly state our Will to be of Service and to accomplish our spiritual mission, and withdraw ourselves from the artificial matrix.

"Dear Beloved Earth, hear my wish in this important phase, where the destiny of our civilisation is between our hands.

Pardon me for I have not honoured your Presence and your Greatness sooner, as I was still ignorant of the Consciousness you hold in the same way I forgot the very Consciousness I hold, as I was too preoccupied with the illusions that were created here to make me forget the spiritual being that I Am.

Pardon me for I have lost my way for a while, so much I have forgotten what unites us, that is the Life force.

There is one thing I am now certain of: What I wish for myself and for the rest of Humanity is Harmony and Unity.

Pardon me if dived into my individuality I might have lost my bond with my brothers and sisters, this bond of the heart, which no money should ever be able to destroy.

Dear Beloved Sun, may your Strength, your Altruism and your Humility run though my every cell, so as to give me too the strength to Shine, beyond all those who will either see my Light or choose to ignore it. I wish also, through the warmth of my Being, to enable Life to thrive.

Dear Beloved Higher Consciousness, dear Beloved guides, thank you for guiding me all the way here. Thank you for having always been there for me when I wanted to give up, showing me KindnessUnconditional Love and Maturity. Thank you for tempering my passion, so that the Spirit of Universal Wisdom could submerge me.

I wish to be a knower of God, so that I can be a way shower of God.

Like so, I firmly set my intention of remembering Who I Am, now, fully.

I call upon all those who wish for the highest expression of my being, to assist me.

May my Will to be of Service to the Universal Laws be heard in every corner of the Universe.

May my Will to be of Service to the Common Good and to strive for Humanity's Ascension ring out like a symphony to the deepest ends of the Multiverse, Now.

May the Light within me burst out brilliantly and shower those who, through grief and difficulties, can no longer see the glimmer of hope that is Faith.

I promise to do my best so as to be that glimmer of Hope for someone, somewhere, some day, and to be the hand the Universe will hold through me.

Dear Beloved God, Dear Beloved Universe, may the Pure Organic Light keep on running through me, so that I can use myself as a vehicle for Peace and Harmony down here, and remind Humans of the Perfection of Creation by reminding them Who They Are.

I wish to resolve any conflict of authority between my soul and my ego, so that I can be of Service to the highest moral values; and be able to birth this New Humanity by volunteering to pave the way, regardless of the difficulties.

I declare that my body and my being are devoted and dedicated to accomplish and honour my spiritual mission, and I do not consent to any other form of interference on any of my bodies, that would aim at preventing me from reaching my highest divine potential, now and forever, in all dimensions and all timelines.

I also declare I do not consent to any form of implants, of mind control, of possession or parasitising by entities, humans or non-humans, of artificial intelligence, of psychotronic weapons, of nanotechnology, and of military or extra-terrestrial technology that would interfere with my free will and would prevent my highest spiritual expression.

I withdraw myself from this artificial matrix and its programmings now and forever. I am now free and sovereign, and I realign with my soul's path and with the Authenticity of my original being. I realign with my organic divine process of Ascension, now.

Through my heart chakra, I send humanity and the entire Cosmos my thoughts of Kindness, Unconditional Love and Unity, and set the intention of no longer wanting to be used as a vehicle of division, by choosing to cultivate within me and in all circumstances Compassion and 


I also send out thoughts of Gratitude and of Reverence towards the Animal, Vegetal and Mineral realms, without whom humanity would simply not be able to exist.

I wish for our human brothers and sisters to see through every live being, whichever they may be, and for them to recover empathy and a desire to protect.

I wish for the masculine and feminine to recover their Divinity and their Sacred aspects, and that in their Union, they give birth to the highest forms of Reverence and of Respect.

From this day, nothing will ever be the same again. For I am resurrected.

Let there be Light, And so it is."

Laura Marie.

Translated from French by Melissa Deer of Sovereign · Planet.


Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy.