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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - June 2016

Many are those who have experienced and who are currently experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms that correspond to the symptoms of the current mutation of our physical and spiritual bodies in Ascension process currently happening on Earth, since the end of the 26 000 years long cycle it was in. This cycle was completed at the end of 2012, as announced by the Mayas, and back then, many understood it would be the end of the World when it was in fact the end of the "Ancient World", this world operating exclusively on the base of the first 3 chakras and energetic centres.

The "Ascension" concept is often misunderstood and represented in the minds of those embarking on a spiritual journey by the action of leaving matter and "going" into other dimensions. The invisible planes are often "idolized" and seen with admiration and the "matter" planes disregarded. Those concepts are dangerous and show that the people who have adopted them have not quite understood the science of Ascension and what it really means. It is a mistake perpetuated in most religions that are also feeding those ideas, as well as in most spiritual communities. Ascension is not a "spiritual concept" and can very well, if explained scientifically, be understood by a cartesian mind. The problem is that there are so many amalgams and distortions made on Earth in terms of the teachings of those realities that many reject those topics, wrongly associating them to myths, religions, or esoteric concepts, while they are pure Science and Quantum Physics only and very well compatible with a rational mind, and one that is not indoctrinated in any form of belief nor dogma.

This is the reason why it is imperative to bring "Science" and "Spirituality" together, so that they are not dissociated and opposed any longer; As well as bringing Technology together with Consciousness, if we do not want this World to disconnect completely from its true nature as it was the case for long enough on Earth and as it is still being through the transhumanism threat. We have all been witnesses of the consequences of a human being being disconnected from his/her higher self, his/her soul. A human disconnected from his/her Higher Self does not have a "divine validation system" anymore to validate his/her thoughts and actions depending on whether they are in line with the divine laws and the highest expression of his/her being or not. The physical vehicle is then left to itself and can therefore engage in the worst forms of destruction : lies, manipulation, absence of high values, of divine qualities such as : the quest for Justice, for the Truth, for Beauty, for Harmony, for Wisdom. All these principles mentioned by many ancients that set foot upon this planet in order to give it the teachings needed for humans to understand that they should learn to grow away from their temporary terrestrial physical identity, so that they can reconnect to their cosmic identity.

This cosmic identity was purposefully hidden from us since the beginning of this humanity (it was not the case for the Lemurian and Atlantean who preceded us, they were connected to their cosmic nature), where humans have evolved in the utmost ignorance of their true nature. The meaning of life, our reason for being on Earth, the functioning of the creation of our reality, the impact of our thoughts, the impact of our lifestyle, and the interactions of the authorities governing our planet with that of other planets and civilisations, are all fields that were not taught at school, and were no longer mentioned once the human became an adult.

Humans, thus ignorant of their true reason for living, get lost in all the meanders of the artificial matrix, that were created in order to enslave them, to make them more and more unconscious and disconnected from themselves. It is difficult if not impossible to manipulate a individual who is Aware of Who he Is and of what is happening on Earth, but fairly easy to deceive an individual ignorant of all these realities, or who is in denial even . Denial unfortunately still is the greatest plague submerging humanity, preventing it from raising its eyes up to the Skies and understanding it is not alone in the Universe.

As stated before in previous newsletters, a civilisation awakening for the first time to its cosmic dimension, can not do so forcibly and without a degree of shock. A civilisation that has established its foundations upon religions, myths and a falsified History, without ever trying to question them, exposes itself to severe disillusions on the day it will be revealed the Truth. Many humans still are at that stage and this phase will prove difficult for them. The existential crises experienced as soon as we start to spiritually awaken are substantial, even when we are in this path of wanting to understand and to evolve. So, the suffering of the forced awakening of someone who has not prepared themselves for all of it can be extremely detrimental, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Profound beliefs can not suddenly be lifted without enduring consequent damages, once again if we have not gradually prepared ourselves for it. There is nothing more painful than a profound belief being challenged.

This is the reason why many souls coming from other systems, other Universes and other planets came to incarnate during this crucial phase of transition of planet Earth. Considering everything happening today on Earth will impact millions / billions of lives, in this Universe but also in the neighbouring Universes. Never in its History, has the human civilisation experienced such a cycle and such vibrational frequencies as it is the case today. Never will this civilisation have known such a level of consciousness as we are developing today, and even more so since the end of 2012, a time when the energetic grid of control placed around the Earth was partially deactivated.

The control grid (artificial matrix in which souls are trapped and for the most part disconnected to their soul) was put in place by Extra-Terrestrial (and interdimensional) "negative" (= having negative agendas for the humanity) civilisations, hoping to maintain humanity under control and to hinder souls once they left their physical bodies, by manipulating them into a cycle of "forced" reincarnation. This recycling of souls ignorant of who they are and of the fact that they were able leave the Earth to reach other planes of evolution, through reaching a sufficient degree of spiritual development, is not something Divine. The manipulation of the souls at their death was one of the greatest fraud humanity has ever experienced and it is only since the end of 2012 that this grid contains opening points from which souls can now come out in order to reach, if they so wish, other planes of existence; all depending on their Level of consciousness and their primary origin (terrestrial souls will go back to the Earth while souls from other Universes or planets can now return to their original planes if they succeeded in collecting enough of the fragmentations of their souls scattered across this Universe, which is a great part of the reasons for our current incarnation concerning the Indigos / Starseeds races).

In parallel with this control grid blocking souls and preventing higher frequencies from reaching the Earth, positive civilisations (having positive agendas for Humanity and the Universe in general since they are spiritually evolved, sufficiently to be of service to Others) have put "barriers" in place between the different dimensions in order to stop the infection present on Earth from spreading across the Universe and in neighbouring Universes. The degree of devolution, of genetic infection and of deterioration of the DNA present on Earth caused by the disconnection of humans from their higher energetic centres and from their higher self (soul) is dramatic and was too dangerous to be left to spread elsewhere and in the neighbouring Universes.

The dismantling of the control grid and the lifting of those frequency barriers were awaited for millennials and announced by numerous prophecies. It is the main reason why many of us have experienced their spiritual awakening crisis since the end of 2012, now with a reactivation going crescendo, in particular for Indigos / Starseeds races currently reactivating to their respective missions.

The Indigos / Starseeds are extra-terrestrial consciences (= not coming from the Earth) who had decided to volunteer in this crucial phase of planetary ascension and liberation of Humanity from certain forces who have enslaved it and maintained it purposefully in darkness since its beginnings. Humanity has not been going through a natural evolutionary cycle, it was interfered with by certain forces and E.T. civilisations whom have slowed and blocked its spiritual development, by erasing its memory and by hiding its true identity from it. As the level of devolution and deterioration of the human civilisation had reached proportions that were too important (this deterioration had reached numerous planes, not only the 3rd dimension and the astral plane / 4th dimension), other races and civilisations volunteered to assist the Earth in its liberation and its ascension. This process had already started many years ago (Jesus for instance was one of the precursors within this humanity, who came to bring this message and the original Christic vibration / Consciousness, which has nothing to do with the religions humans later created), and other consciousnesses later arrived in waves of reinforcement so as to prepare this phase of mass Ascension currently being experienced on Earth (the Indigos / Starseeds and Lightworkers).

Since 2012, the negative forces who were "governing" the planet and were maintaining it in darkness (lack of information) were defeated and it is the positive races serving the highest laws of the Universe whom have taken over the handling of the planet (at a cosmic level but not a human one yet), which is the reason why such a shift of consciousness was able to happen. It is what, amongst different prophecies, many have called "the return of the Christ". It was not guaranteed that we were going to make it, but we have succeeded. Now that we have accomplished that, we can focus more on our missions (in particular concerning the Indigos / Starseeds). Those missions are diverse, ranging from the rehabilitation of the human DNA being damaged and too digressed, to the reconnection of humans to their higher selves through a spiritual Ascension process and the dissolution of the negative ego, as well as the teachings of the Universal laws and of the respect of all forms of Life, of the sciences of Ascension and the guidance of the "masses" who will then gradually awaken to these realities and will need to be educated.

The original human being is a combination of different genetic data from different Extra-Terrestrial races, and amongst those races are those we call "christic" (once again this has nothing to do with the idea of the different religions currently existing on the planet, which all contain some forms of truths but with immense distortions, like it is the case with the Christian religion as well). Here, it is solely about a certain type of DNA corresponding to the original humans called the "Oraphim". Indeed, the current human being will need to awaken to the reality of numerous other human civilisations having set foot upon this planet before him (the last ones before this current civilisation being the Atlantean and Lemurian civilisations, who had later brought their Knowledge to Egypt for the survivors of the genocide orchestrated by some negative E.T. factions on these 2 People nearly decimating them entirely). As stated in my April 2016 Newsletter ("History repeats itself" ), some of us carry the memories of these cataclysms within their cells (phobias of water, visions of tsunamis, etc.) and many movies of Hollywood show enormous waves, in order to revive those traumas within the cells of as many humans as possible thus reviving the suffering within their bodies; but those traumas, which reside elsewhere than at the physical level and are still inaccessible and rejected by our current medical establishment, then often remain unhealed and gaping. Many humans suffer not knowing why, when the answers reside in their cellular memories. And to heal those traumas one must inevitably go through a spiritual awakening, a gradual dismantling of his/her negative ego and his/her "personality" built upon those matrix programming. (On the subject, read the May 2016 Newsletter titled "Matrix Deprogramming").

The human form is a form that was created so as to be able to house different extra-terrestrial DNA. And the Earth was meant to be a school where we could learn the true mechanisms of Ascension, the experience of polarity (feminine, masculine)... However, some negative E.T. factions (only technologically advanced but not spiritually who have digressed enough to be entirely disconnected from the Source, have chosen to be so and do not wish to be rehabilitated nor helped, but rather chose to serve luciferian and satanic forces) have infiltrated the Earth (those same ones who later caused the Lemurian and Atlantean holocaust) and have hybridised themselves with original humans in order to create races that could house their genetics and thus allowing them to incarnate on Earth. This is how the current humanity was infiltrated and genetically modified.

The natural Ascension process of an original human being is triggered by installing some sort of "cellular alarm" within the Human at certain key ages. In his/her energetic field, are some sort of "alarms / alerts" that will "ring" at the age of 12, 22, 33 and 44 years old.

12 / 22 years old: Enfolding of the DNA code into the cells - galactic information - all information concerning the journey of the soul involved and its various incarnations - knowledge at a cellular level.

33 / 44 years old: Development of the understanding of the mission - Cleansing.

44 years old: Development of in depth work of Wisdom.

Personally, I experienced my reactivation as a Starseed to my own mission at the exact age of 33. As soon as the bell rang, everything streamed down, I had sort of "downloads" every night with the feeling I could write entire books, and it is since that day my temporary terrestrial physical identity started to fade away leaving space for my true cosmic identity and for its assignment on Earth, which is the teaching of the Sciences of Ascension and the guidance of the Indigo / Starseeds.

This is the reason why many people suffer after their reawakening / reactivation (this phenomenon is mostly present within the Indigos / Starseeds since most terrestrial humans do not have a "mission", so to say, since they first need to heal themselves, free themselves and develop their Consciousness). Once the temporary terrestrial physical identity is dropped, our relatives could possibly not recognise us anymore and have the feeling of being with a stranger or an alien. Indeed, to find again one's cosmic identity especially for an Indigo / Starseed is a difficult process. His/her reconnection to his/her mission and the reasons for his/her incarnation are a priority on a cellular level and the attempts to disconnect him/her or have him/her lost in the matrix are numerous, so that he/she never remembers. Even if since 2012, the vibration of the planet has changed, these forces are still present and still do not wish to "give it up". As the human civilisation is their primary energetic food.

Thus, many Indigos / Starseeds get lost in the matrix in the same way as other humans do, or even commit suicide. It is mainly for those reasons I teach and organise Indigos / Starseeds reconnection courses, because the damages are substantial (loss of the indigo into depression, alcohol, drugs, medication to ease his/her emotions or ill-being, feeling of "urgency" of having something to do for the World, etc.). The Indigos / Starseeds are for the most part "hypersensitive" (their energetic field is more sensitive and able to perceive more subtle frequencies) and often have immense difficulties navigating through such dense frequencies disconnected from Life, as is currently the case on Earth. The Indigos / Starseeds represent what humans of the Earth will be in about a 100 years. It is then easy to imagine the internal suffering of having to navigate through such density and facing the level of consciousness currently present on Earth (and it was much worse for the Indigos of preceding generations). But it is crucial for the Indigo / Starseed to remember that this is what he/she came for, to help Humanity spiritually evolve and thus, patience and self-control through wisdom will have to be his/her main qualities in a density that is this affected by trauma and unconsciousness. He/she will need not to fall into uncontrolled anger nor hatred, even when facing the numerous injustices still happening on this planet and which he will be a victim of. We can express our firm stance on these injustices and even sometimes express divine anger, but never to the point of loosing ourselves in them and sinking into low vibrations, which would not help humanity.

We must keep our heads high and the vibrations representing the new Earth we, along with all the humans who will join us in this level of Consciousness, came to build.

Spiritual development requires diligent and constant work. As stated in the last Newsletter ("Matrix Deprogramming") : "Consciousness does not take holidays". The back and forth from the 3D consciousness versus the multidimensional consciousness are more and more painful and heavy in consequences for the development of our spiritual bodies. Each fluctuation in frequency impacts us and so we must make it our priority to maintain our Consciousness to the level we have brought it, without going back down or going back down for too long, underestimating the damages of a "vibrational escapade"...

Like so, people we used to hang around with (= those whom we "connected" with on a vibrational plane on top of the physical plane since our 2 fields are in resonance and must attune to each other), the food we ate, the music we listened to, the water we drank, the places we went to, the places we lived in... are all fundamental bases we must purify / cleanse. Spiritual ascension is above all a work of purification in order to rise on a vibrational level letting go of all that is "heavy" and "dense" (foods, emotions, people, places, etc.).

So, what is true Ascension?

Well, Ascension is not the idea of going somewhere else, of leaving our body in order to reach celestial planes, but more so to instead BRING DOWN our cosmic consciousness into our physical body. This is true Ascension. It would be useless to come incarnate to then have the strongest desire of leaving as fast as possible, and so while denigrating matter. Matter is not "inferior" to the invisible. An ice cube is not "inferior" to steam water. Both exist simply under different forms. On the contrary, it is when an individual has successfully INCARNATED his/her multidimensional consciousness (his/her higher self, his/her soul) into his/her physical body, that he/she has reached the highest impact upon Earth and within the entire Universe.

The original purpose of the physical experience is to be able to experience individuality all the while maintaining our "group consciousness", so to speak, so as to accomplish an individual experience and mission, all the while working for the Greater Whole.

The problem is in this experience, following diverse genetic manipulations, distortions and falsifications of the Divine plan, many are those who forgot their cosmic dimension and are solely focusing on their individuality, which later became their "personality". A personality later programmed throughout their incarnation, through different control implants, subconscious programming (TV, movies, medias, education, etc...) and the various traumas experienced that are caused by the disconnection of humans from their higher energetic centres (heart, communication, third eye, crown chakra).

But the power is within each one of us.

No matter where we are from: the Spiritual Ascension Work is the same for the entire World. The Ascension sciences are Unique and Universal. Like so, Universal laws apply for every one and must be mastered by all those wishing to live in Harmony, through Consciousness and Mastery of all their bodies, physical and spiritual. No form is superior nor inferior to another, although Earth is entering a cycle in which now, our bodies are bound to become vibrationally lighter and lighter. We must align to those frequencies if we do not want to experience the suffering caused by stagnation or digression. The Ascension process requires Work, Discipline, Willpower, and Determination. And above all, Faith, in us, in our missions, and in the Global Plan of the coming of Consciousness upon Earth. Peace and Harmony in the Universe.

Laura Marie - June 2016 Newsletter - Planetary Ascension - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa from Sovereign · Planet.  

Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy:

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