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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - March 2018

Over 2000 years ago, a being came down to the Earth in order to offer Humans the opportunity to elevate their Consciousness through the Service to Others, thus moving away from the misery and destruction that entails the Service to Self. Unfortunately, Yeshua's message was highly distorted by the negative ET races and their human puppets, whom have transformed his message - stemming directly from the True Christ Consciousness - into violent religions aiming to enslave the human People, to divide it and have it self-destruct through some form of Faith that was not aligned to the true Wisdom of the Heart. ​ The true Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religions, nor even with Jesus, since the Christ Consciousness existed long before any of that. Indeed, Christ Consciousness represents the energetic reality behind the organic Creation. We may thus call it "God", for God is the Creation, once again, beyond any distortion or any religious or mental personification. 

God is neither a man nor a woman, "God" represents the unified fields beyond any distortion, and most of all, beyond time-space. It is the energetic structure which gives birth to Life before it is manifested into matter. Just like before creating a painting we first imagine it in our Mind, then we draw the outlines on the canvas; Christ Consciousness represents the energetic template of an organic creation, before it becomes alive in other dimensions. ​ The unified field of Christ Consciousness resides beyond the 12th dimension (beyond time-space) and can only be reached by the races who have sufficiently evolved spiritually, or in other words, those who are of Service to Others. That is to say, those who are aligned with the Universal Laws, with these Immutable Laws of the Universal Creation. This is how the cosmic races whom we may call "fallen" - since they have challenged the Universal Laws and have wanted to create their own system - are not able to access those unified fields. They refuse to be rehabilitated, filled with arrogance, preventing them from developing the necessary levels of humility so as to find again the purity of heart (if they even have one, as many of these races have degenerated their genetics to the point of becoming inorganic, which is to say completely cut of from the divine source). Indeed, only a pure heart can access Christ Consciousness, for the entrance to the higher dimensions of existence is through the door of the Heart. Some individuals believe they have access to higher knowledge, but do not know that Knowledge without true Wisdom of heart can not be christic, which is to say it can not be aligned with the Universal Laws and is therefore either stemming from the luciferian Consciousness, or the satanic Consciousness. Just like there is a Christ Consciousness, a unified field beyond any distortion where impartial Universal Truth IS, there are other groups of Consciousness who chose to defy Creation and thus, to defy the Natural Laws. ​ Like so, the Luciferian Consciousness is that which duplicated the true Christ Consciousness by taking bits of Universal Truth and inserting them with lies and deception, and that which seduces and entices (this is what we can notice for instance within the New Age teachings, which are a falsification and distortion of true christic teachings). The Satanic Consciousness on the other hand, strives to destroy Christ Consciousness (religious or political massacres...). Both belong to what we call consciousnesses of "Service to Self". ​ In the Universe, there are several races, by the millions, who, depending on their level of spiritual growth, strive for one or more of these 3 Consciousnesses. If the luciferian and satanic forces often work in tandem, it is not possible to be fully aligned with Christ Consciousness (Service to Others) while consenting to Luciferian or Satanic Consciousness (power and domination). This reality ties in to the ancient teaching of: "No man can serve two masters". ​ After the Atlantean and Lemurian genocide, over 26 000 years ago (which was caused by the service to self races in order to prevent the Ascension cycle from happening), these same races are responsible for the enslavement of the human race which, from its beginnings, has been largely interfered with and maintained ignorant of the true nature of life, of its true power and of the true cosmic situation. The original human prototype (dating back to several millions of years ago) is the result of several genetic interventions of positive races of Service to Others, whom, out of Love for the Creation, have created with patience and devotion, a vehicle that could live in Alignment with Earth's Consciousness and that could host a multidimensional Consciousness said to be "Christic", so as to have a multidimensional (of 12 dimensions) experience in an incarnated physical body. ​ Unfortunately, and as was the case with all previous seedings of the human prototype on Earth and even elsewhere in the Universe (the first humans existed in the Constellation of Lyra already, millions of years ago), the negative cosmic races, very advanced technologically but not spiritually, have largely interfered with this organic creation process and have installed all sorts of implants and genetic degenerations within the human bodies, through Artificial Intelligence which they have mastered for thousands of years, as well as through hybridisation with certain races, mostly inorganic ones. Disease and death are not organic, and this is how those races use the human race as a slave species, slave of its ignorance and naivety, and most of all of its own resignation to understand the true nature of life, confused with multiple beliefs, falsified and willingly inserted in humans' minds so as to distract them from what could truly free them. ​ Most humans react solely on the base of subconscious programming, and it is therefore very easy to program them and to deter them from any topic which could help them discern what is truly going on upon the Earth and in the Universe. The powers that be have always contributed in maintaining this Universal Knowledge hidden or used it in a service to self and elitist way amongst certain secret societies, while oppressing the people and using wars and genocides to annihilate and traumatise humans, so that they never awaken.

Since January 2013, the christic intervention forces, in other words the advanced cosmic races aligned to the Universal Laws, have taken over the stewardship of Earth again, reclaiming control over the Stargates (the interdimensional portals that had been diverted by the negative races). The Organic Ascension phase has since begun and numerous humans have been awakening and experiencing their Dark Night of the Soul, with a feeling of waking up from a bad dream, or, for the more unconscious, on the contrary, to enter a bad dream where all their illusions are collapsing. This bad dream is that which all Indigos and Starseeds have experienced or are experiencing, before their reactivation to their true missions. Some having been stuck here since Atlantis and Lemuria, while others have incarnated mainly in the last 100 years, or even more so in the 80's which saw the coming of a subsequent additional intervention force. Unfortunately, once here, many of the consciousnesses who were sent are confronted to a lot of physical dysfunctions, for their consciousness is not compatible with the human bodies of today that have been degenerated by artificial intelligence for the most part (as well as by chemical, emotional or generational poisoning...); and like so, many of them grow up being "autistic" or with all sorts of Health problems. ​ This is a sad reality to which we must all awaken if we do not wish to see the programmed degeneration of the human race unfold under the cover of "technological advancement". This is the direct threat of transhumanism, and so long as humans remain asleep upon the true cosmic and exopolitic context (full cosmic disclosure), then they will remain deceived and mislead towards very dangerous alleys for their Consciousness. DNA = Consciousness, like so everything that relates to the DNA relates to the eternal Consciousness of the individual. And all that relates to the Consciousness, relates to its DNA. The "christic" DNA is the most persecuted across the Universe, for this DNA enables individuals to access dimensions that are not accessible to the Service to self races. ​ If the christic DNA is destroyed upon the Earth, no more christic consciousness (indigos/starseeds and spiritually advanced consciousnesses) would ever be able to come incarnate over here. The Earth would thus become an infected territory, heading towards annihilation, for no more organic living Light (christic) would be able to reach through with vehicles able to host Christ Consciousness. Very few humans, including in the spiritual and New Age communities, yet understand the true mission of the Starseeds and Indigos. ​ The Consciousnesses who decided to volunteer to come and assist humanity in this phase of Ascension, and so of Liberation (for those who will choose that path), carry with them this heritage, and came to spread it back upon the Earth, in the aim for these seeds to sprout and flower amongst the rest of humanity. Out of true self-sacrifice, and out of true Love for the Creation, these consciousnesses have come to experience suffering and the extreme of the negative polarity and of unconsciousness, so as to help humanity move out of the service to self, and align itself back to the Universal Laws, in other words, to Christ Consciousness. Some also have important rehabilitation mission and can not afford to be light-hearted about it without dramatic consequences for their destiny. ​ Unfortunately, many on that path have been caught and deceived by the luciferian or satanic Consciousness (New Age, violent religions, ...) and therefore are not really fulfilling their true mission. They have been hijacked and are being redirected towards side alleys, sometimes irreversible for their Consciousness as their DNA or their physical body becomes too damaged. This is how very few of the initial intervention forces sent are currently in duty and reactivated. Most remain trapped in the webs of religions or of the New Age, or even still asleep in the matrix. ​ Disinformation campaigns are huge and increased a tenfold, and so, those who lack of vibrational discernment are fooled by their mind/ego which is not connected to the higher aspects of their eternal consciousness, and thus can not test the universal veracity of information. Indeed, the Truth's resonance can only be verified by the Heart, aligned with its eternal Consciousness, and thus all those who think they are awakening Consciousnesses, all the while being deprived of the True Christic Wisdom, of the heart's qualities and of the highest moral values, often unknowingly become agents of disinformation, through their flaws. ​ Undisciplined minds, or on the contrary, over-analysing ones whom get easily lost in generalisations and do not have sufficient lucidity to see through the words and the traps for their Consciousness, are quickly snatched and diverted. Unfortunately, nobody can do this spiritual growth work for us, and arrogance is not compatible with Christ Consciousness, for arrogance and aggression actually are the vibrational signature of anti-christic forces. Like so, an individual who believes to be awakening consciousnesses while being arrogant, or attacking his brothers and sisters (even though he pretends or convinces himself to have good intentions) becomes a tool for the negative forces who laugh at how easy it is for humans to accept being divided from each other. So long as humans and especially those who claim to be "awakened" will not be united, no real progress towards Unity and the Service to Others will be observed for the human race, and thus, the race will not qualify for moving onto cosmic citizenship, in order to protect the other neighbouring races. ​ Christ Consciousness. ​ Once an individual has accomplished the necessary mental discipline work in order to be cleared of all satanic religious programming implanted within his Consciousness, he may then hope to access parts of Universal Truth available in the ancient sacred teachings. All religions contain parts of Universal Truth, but until they are put back into true cosmic context, we might be, once again, lead onto opposite directions from our highest spiritual expression. ​ The Organic Ascension is the way of ascension through re-aligning with Christ Consciousness, that is to say through re-aligning with the Universal Laws. In order to counter the organic Ascension process of Christ Consciousness, luciferian and satanic Consciousnesses have created parallel paths, those of the inorganic ascension (promoted by religions and the luciferian New Age), giving individuals the illusion of evolving, but truly leading them onto traps from which it will be very difficult to move away, especially if the individuals do not have the Organic Spiritual Strength and discernment required for wanting to re-align with Christ Consciousness. ​ To do so, we must be sufficiently connected to the Living Light (and not the dead light / false luciferian light, which falsify the true christic teachings). Is the individual passing on this information resonant with living light? Are his cells animated by this creative Life Force? Do they vibrate Harmony, Purity, Gentleness, a desire to not hurt, the True Christ Force which knows to be decisive and is not hesitant? This is how we can recognise the true messengers of Christ Consciousness. The usurpers always use diversion techniques in order to send their targets in other directions, pushing them to absolutely never focus on themselves. However, it is easy to discern if an individual embodies their own message or not. Or else, is it really wise to believe an individual who chooses to remain anonymous? In this accelerated phase where we will be propelled towards greater and greater need for developing our spiritual maturity, we must desire to see beyond the illusions and traps more than anything else. However, illusion can not be defied with the mind only, it can only be so with the intelligence of the heart. ​ The virtues of Christ Consciousness. ​ Christ Consciousness can be summarised in key points, thus allowing us to discern, if we belong to certain groups or follow certain teachings, whether they truly are under the authority of Christ Consciousness or that of the luciferian and satanic races. ​ 1/ Alignment with the Universal Laws: embodiment of High Moral Values, of Responsibility, of Integrity, of Authenticity; Integration of the Law of Cause and Effect and of all the Universal Laws in general. ​ 2/ Unity Consciousness: Respecting all forms of Life and refusing division techniques, looking to unify rather than divide. ​ 3/ The Spirit of Truth: Christ Consciousness is the Consciousness which incarnates the Universal Truth. The Universal Truth goes beyond each of our personal truths, it is the truth on our true galactic history, cosmic situation and exopolitics. This Truth must include the reality of E.T. presence both positive and negative, as well as the reality of the various Consciousnesses of the Universe. - Christ Consciousness residing beyond any distortion, it has a complete (unified) point of view upon both polarities and does not conceal any of them. If the teachings conceal the negative polarity, then they are luciferian (for instance: the New Age). If the information conceals the positive polarity, then it is satanic (Like so, all those who "awaken consciousnesses" by exposing negative agendas but deny the existence of positive races, contribute, whether they are aware of it or not, to spreading the satanic agenda by making humans loose Faith, i.e. their christic connection). ​ 4/ Wisdom: The information that are passed on must be integrated in all dimensions of the being passing them on. A knowing that is not integrated (remaining in the mind complex) is luciferian. It becomes a True Christic Wisdom (Wisdom that is kept eternally and not solely in this temporary incarnation) only when it is integrated by experience, in Service to Others. ​ 5/ Purity of Heart: He who incarnates Christ Consciousness vibrates with the spirit of purity, for his intentions are kind-hearted, and his heart is pure. This has nothing to do with an illusion of "perfection" to quench the thirst of those looking for "messiahs". Purity is vibrationally verifiable by the higher realms, and only he whose heart is pure (selfless) can access those higher dimensions of christic information. ​ This is how, even Starseeds and Indigos coming from higher dimensions (i.e. from the future), with missions of reclaiming Christ Consciousness, once here, will have to go through several trials so as to "prove" their ability to take the responsibilities of such missions. Those missions are not for flattering anybody's ego, nor are they any "game". The cosmic situation is serious, and our responsibilities real, which is why all those who do not understand the responsibilities of their missions, or use them for their ego, may be retired from their mission by the relevant Councils on other planes - those in charge of supervising the Global Plan of intervention of the christic forces. ​ Just like all those who are manipulated with their arrogance and absence of moral value, in order to compromise the work of those who dedicate their lives to this cause, will endure the karmic / energetic consequences of their choices. Karma is not an angry and judging God's punishment. Karma is simply a Universal Law which implies that every action has its energetic consequence in the Universe. Those who believe they can do whatever they want without undergoing the consequences will, sooner or later, be exposed to the backlash for their behaviours, be it in this lifetime or in the ones following. For in the Universe, everything is always brought back to balance. It is this profound imbalance we came here to fix, those of us who have missions of assistance and incarnation of the true Christ Consciousness upon Earth so as to enable the unified fields (God's Kingdom) to come down upon the Earth. ​ Many prophets spoke of this allegory. Today, it is a reality. May we all understand what is truly at stake in this phase of cosmic liberation, both for the human race and the multiple other races involved in this large scale galactic intervention. ​ The Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds has sent many representatives within the human race, so as to give it back its true cosmic heritage. Many Starseed and Indigos belong to it. Yeshua belonged to it. He never wished for what the Dracos/Reptilian have then made of his teachings by creating the satanic church. And today, is time for the Great Revelation, so that all the imposter spirits are exposed. May we override the luciferian and satanic distortions, through our reclaimed Consciousness and Wisdom. ​ May our cells reactivate NOW to our true cosmic memory, May the Truth penetrate each of our hearts, so that we are forever changed when reaching out to our own higher Consciousness, from which we were once disconnected, ​ May Love and Wisdom overwhelm us, and the Will to no longer be used as a vehicle for hurting anyone be our highest priority, May Beauty and Harmony be our ambitions, So the Kingdom of God alights back upon the Earth, in the Awareness and Understanding that it is our utmost, innate and sovereign right. ​

Laura Marie - March 2018 Newsletter - Christ Consciousness - HarmonicUniverse.Academy

Translated from French by Melissa of Sovereign · Planet. Original article in French by Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy: - La Conscience Christique:

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