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Laura Marie and her work played a huge part in the beginning of my own Awakening. It was an immediate Reconnection and Indigo Reactivation for me when I first came across her articles. Over the years, I found in her work much relief and support, as well as many answers to questions the Controllers of the artificial matrix are so privy of. 

I sincerely hope these translations will bring you similar support and expand the cycle of Truth Seeking.

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Harmonic Universe Academy ( is the body of work of French author, spiritual guide for the Starseeds and Indigo Families and Guardian Host Representative: Laura Marie. This body of work comprises articles, podcasts as well as an online academy on the Ascension Sciences and Cosmic Disclosure.

In her articles, she covers crucial topics on the reclamation of Humanity's Cosmic Citizenship, but also the personal journey of Spiritual Awakening. Her work ranges from contemporary societal topics such as Transhumanism and Cosmic Disclosure, to empowering individual self work such as Spiritual Maturity, Exiting the Matrix and Soul Integration, as well recovering our collective History and memory such as in History Repeats Itself, Planetary AscensionChrist Consciousness and the Universal Laws.

· Below you will find some articles by Laura Marie that I translated from French into English · 

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - March 2018

Over 2000 years ago, a being came down to the Earth in order to offer Humans the opportunity to elevate their Consciousness through the Service to Others, thus moving away from the misery and destruction that entails the Service to Self. Unfortunately, Yeshua's message was highly distorted by the negative ET races and their human puppets, whom have transformed his message - stemming directly from the True Christ Consciousness - into violent religions aiming to enslave the human People, to divide it and have it self-destruct through some form of Faith that was not aligned to the true Wisdom of the Heart. ​
The true Christ Consciousness has nothing to do with religions, nor even with Jesus, since the Christ Consciousness existed long before any of that. Indeed, Christ Consciousness represents the energetic reality behind the organic Creation. We may thus call it "God", for God is the Creation, once again, beyond any distortion or any religious or mental personification. 

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - January 2018

In this phase of increasing integration of our higher consciousness into our physical reality (read also Soul Integration), many Humans now feel the need to get closer to other humans aligned with their life goals.

​This personal yearning is what gave rise to wanting to create what we call "conscious communities", that is to say groups of humans uniting with a common goal: cooperation and mutual assistance.​

The eagerness to contribute is an intrinsic quality of individuals who have begun a serious Ascension process and thus of Soul integration to their physical vehicle, aiming for personal spiritual expansion, but which will inevitably - if this spiritual expansion is organic, that is to say aligned with the Universal Laws - lead to wanting to feel useful for the Common Good, that is to say: to bring a positive contribution to the Great Whole.

​It is when each individual brings their contribution, that a collective can flourish and expand.​

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - December 2017

Humanity is moving towards an increased polarisation in this bifurcation phase, which means that more and more individuals on a path of Ascension are revolving around the positive polarity, or in other words the Service to Others; while individuals maintaining their existence based on the ego filters and thus on the personality begin to descend further and further into the meanders of the Service to Self and the negative polarity, which focuses on personal satisfaction rather than a life of service to the Greater Good.​

The current energies present upon Earth are urging us to transmute within ourselves everything that is not divine, everything that is not organic, which is everything that is not True, Authentic, Sensible and in alignment with our true reason for incarnation to the Earth in this time of individual and collective spiritual deliverance.

The artificial matrix has penetrated and infiltrated all the inferior layers of our being, through its programming, its traumas and its intentions which are at the opposite of those of our soul, thus driving us to misrepresent and distort ourselves so as to exist, in other words to hide our true identity, our true values, our true hopes for the future of this civilisation and all the life forms harboured on this planet.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - October 2017

In social psychology, cognitive dissonance is the internal tension within an individual's thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes (cognitions) when one or more of them are in contradiction with another. In other words, cognitive dissonance represents the incoherence between thoughts / words and actions. For instance, when a person says they want to loose weight but only eat very fat and very sweet foods; or, when a person smokes and replies to those telling them smoking kills that "we have got to die of something" so as to lower the mental dissonance between their actions and what they know to be true. How many people keep saying everyday that they can not stand their job, yet keep on working it for 10, 20 years; or how many of them refuse to face the truth in certain areas so as to avoid questioning the beliefs they have based their existence upon, thereby increasing their level of cognitive dissonance?

When our actions do not resonate with our thoughts or words, there is incoherence, and this incoherence causes damages on different levels upon our different bodies, and impairs us spiritually. When we refuse to see a fact for what it is - so as to convince ourselves by all means that our thoughts are aligned to our actions thus reducing the discomfort of cognitive dissonance - we then become capable of taking on the greatest incongruencies in our lives so as to avoid questioning our ways of thinking and functioning, and the dreadful realisation that we might have been wrong.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - August 2017

The next solar eclipse on August 21st is an event that has not occurred in the last 99 years (the last one was in 1918). It is very rare event, a total solar eclipse that will cross America from West to East. This eclipse will start in Oregon and will cross the entire U.S.A., all the way to South Carolina, on the path of totality, which is the path where the eclipse will be observable as total. This event will have various consequences on an energetic level.

So as to understand what impact this eclipse will have and what it will create, we must begin with explaining the mechanisms behind the creation of reality, the timelines, and so of potential futures.

We may already notice that our reality is ever changing, according to our choices: for each choice we make, for each sum of thoughts we have that goes into one direction or another - which will either have a positive or a negative polarity - will manifest a reality for us and therefore by extension for the rest of the world, for each individual reality contributes to co-create a collective reality.
At this stage, we should be able to notice the consequences of our thoughts and of our actions, for their  repercussions are much more immediate than they were before. This is because the energies on Earth have changed in comparison to those before 2012, and now everything gets manifested much faster, be it positive or negative. We are now able to see that at every moment, with each choice: a timeline, a potential future will manifest.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - June 2017

Today, many humans are awakening to the reality of extra-terrestrial's presence, the reality of the existence of more advanced, ancient civilisations whom have lived upon the Earth, the reality of the various global manipulations that took place for thousands of years, as well as that of the current vibrational Ascension process being operated at an even faster pace since 2012.

Meanwhile, mass manipulations, collective consciousness programming and the attempts at manifesting chaotic future realities proliferate, while confusion spreads amongst the human civilisation who no longer knows how to discern true from false, good from bad, when being faced with this mass of information suddenly made available by expanding technologies.

To truly understand how humanity could become a "victim" of such things, and for this long, it is important to first understand our past (our true History), as well as all the methods used to infiltrate the human psyche in the way it was infiltrated, creating the dramatic consequences we are now witnessing upon Earth: disrespect for Life, destruction of natural resources, the quest for Power and domination, sexual misery and division between feminine and masculine, absence of spirituality or on the opposite the idolisation of spiritual figures, control and enslavement by religions, victimisation of the people by its abusive leaders, paedophiles and psychopaths, idolisation of celebrities, vicarious living through television and the movie industry programming minds on a daily basis, the quest for distraction, comfort and entertainment rather than the developing of one's Consciousness through spiritual work.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - May 2017

Exopolitics are defined as a discipline studying the relationships between our human civilisations (terrestrial) and other alleged intelligent civilisations of the Universe (extra-terrestrial).

While politics on the other hand, cover everything that has to do with the government of a community, a State or of many States internationally, gathering all different "parties" sharing the same "agendas"; the necessity to move to exopolitics, in other words to stretch politics beyond planet Earth and to take into account other civilisations inhabiting our universe, whom also have political agendas, is the "logical" next step for a civilisation opening itself up to its cosmic dimension and to the existence of other civilisations, be it on other planets or on exoplanets, that is to say outside of our solar system.

Today, humanity must cease to consider itself as the only intelligent species that is able to travel to space and open itself up to the fact that Earth has been visited for millions of years by different extra-terrestrial races, some benevolent, and some with agendas of colonisation.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - April 2017

While the planet is going through its Ascension process, which started at the end of 2012, we can clearly notice the physical consequences of this final battle for the emancipation of the human race, with on the one side a part of humanity that is awakening and starting to ascend, and on the other side, another one sinking into more and more unconsciousness and suffering.

The advanced cosmic races and the humans of the Earth wishing to strive for humanity's sovereignty and for the advent of Consciousness upon Earth are not at war with anyone. But the interdimensional and extra-terrestrial forces that have thrown humanity into darkness for over 26 000 years by depriving it from any access to the Knowledge of its true History and the functioning of the Reality of the Universal Laws, are on the other hand ready to do anything so as to prevent this emancipation through Consciousness and Knowledge, of the human beings they have been enslaving and deceiving for this long.

Humans have been purposefully maintained on the same low frequencies of power, domination, hierarchy, illness, fear, division, conflict and destruction, for thousands of years, completely ignorant that other choices were possible and most of all, that all of this was not "natural", in other words not "organic", and that the true nature of human beings, is very far from all these behaviours that are but programs insidiously instilled from birth into humans' minds, up until now, for the most part, disconnected from their soul.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - March 2017

Many of us now realise the state of chaos our world currently lies in.

Scientists even agree to say that hundreds of thousands of species are endangered, and they include within these the human race which, every day lives on credit at the expenses of the natural resources available upon its planet, abusing of technology, of other animal, vegetal and mineral live species, and distributing available vital resources in a disproportionate and uneven manner between humans.
Humans, purposefully kept ignorant of the cosmic and multidimensional war operating upon Earth and in the Cosmos, are being used as energetic resource and maintained into distraction, fear and enslavement through multiple programs developed, varying throughout different time periods and according to very precise agendas, primarily aiming at the disconnection of humans from their souls and preventing their true spiritual connection, outside of all the indoctrination systems of the various religions instilled upon the Earth.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - December 2016

During the last few decades, many spiritual teachers have passed on this crucial information that our thoughts all come from 2 main categories: either Love or Fear. This understanding is one of the most important integration a consciousness could have along their journey of spiritual awakening.

In deed, the first step in our spiritual growth is to integrate the fact that we create our direct external reality, based upon our internal reality: that is to say upon our thoughts, and their vibrational quality. Knowing that we produce on average 60 000 thoughts per day, it is important to ask ourselves how do we use these thoughts, what are they directed towards, and what do they feed at every moment: fear or love? (with their sub-categories, which we will cover further below). Are they for the majority positive, or negative? Unfortunately, most humans collectively still have thoughts that are for the most part more "negative" than "positive", even though this tendency is gradually changing thanks to the growing emergence of access to alternative information of these past few years, which have enabled humans to understand the link between quantum physics and spirituality, as well as the role of consciousness in the manifestation of reality.

What we, to this day, still call "magic" is nothing but science or technology yet to be understood....

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - November2016

Humanity, in its collective consciousness, has been disconnected from its true cosmic nature, since its beginning. Even though some enlightened and members of secret societies know of this reality and hold this Universal Knowledge, the majority of humans were, and for the most part still are, ignorant of their multidimensional nature, thinking they only exist in the physical dimension (3D), and are not aware of the reincarnation cycles, the true history of Humanity nor that of the Earth, as well as of the different cosmic wars that have taken place for thousands of years, millions even, in the Cosmos, that are still happening.

The main war operating upon Earth today is not a physical war, it is a war against consciousness. Everything is being done so that humans do not access this information, which could set them free from their enslavement, caused by the ignorance of what they accept being done to them. The Universal Laws state that every being has a right to the Freedom of living, and these rights are yet far from being respected anywhere on the planet and for all living beings, humans or animals.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - October 2016

There are many of us currently experiencing what we call Ascension symptoms. Many of us have indeed gone through a spiritual awakening more or less recently, mainly since December 2012 an important date setting the end of the old paradigm at a cosmic level, as the grid for soul confinement that was put in place by certain Extra-terrestrial factions hoping to maintain humanity in ignorance of its true cosmic and multidimensional nature, was lifted thanks to the effort of all those who, on Earth and in the Cosmos, worked for it to finally happen. This "end of the World" phase announced by numerous ancient civilisations and great prophecies is the phase we are currently experiencing on Earth today. It is the end of the ancient World as we have known it so far, and even if this shift is not blatantly visible yet and on all of the planet's continents, the emancipation of Humanity through Consciousness is gaining ground a little more every single day.

Indeed, up until now, humans were stuck in a consciousness only expending through 3 dimensions (the first 3 chakras), which prevented them from perceiving reality beyond their 5 physical senses. "I believe only what I see" were and still are the thoughts and words of the majority of humans still confined within the restricted spectrum of the 3rd dimension.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - September 2016

More and more humans are currently experiencing their spiritual awakening (Read here the 21 symptoms of the spiritual awakening), where each day, layers of their temporal terrestrial identity are peeling off so as to give way to their true soul identity.

This process, already mentioned in previous articles, is called the Dark Night of the Soul, and the Ascension process the planet is currently going through is a collective Dark Night of the Soul where humans who will be ready to take on this work of dismantling of their beliefs systems, will be able to reach planes of existence of superior frequencies (not only in this life but also when they will leave their physical body, as their souls will be freed from the forced recycling matrix). The identity crisis experienced during a spiritual awakening and especially during a true integration of higher frequencies and of true negative ego dismantling work - is intense and oftentimes painful, and this is the reason why many are those who, as soon as these symptoms begin, seek some kind of "relief" and thus easily throw themselves into other forms of illusions or beliefs systems. The different New Age beliefs and different forms of New Age desensitising / illusions are on top of the list, catching like so all those seeking this form of relief when faced with the difficulty of the integration of everything they have just discovered or realised.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - August 2016

The phase humanity is currently going through is unique in its whole History. Every day, thousands of human beings awaken to the reality of the limitations of the systems that have governed the planet thus far. Every day, thousands awaken to the reality of the True history of Humanity and of civilisations that have previously existed upon the Earth. And every day, consciousnesses (terrestrial or extra-terrestrial) that came with a mission on Earth in order to work for the global liberation of this planet from the forces that enslaved it, and to create this New Earth in progress welcoming individuals more conscious, more respectful, and more connected to their true nature as well as to the consciousness of she who welcomes them (Gaia); are reactivating and entering their respective missions - thus impacting humans around them through example.

Those whom we call the Indigos (Read here the article about the Indigos here), Starseeds or for those more recently arrived, "crystals", are consciousnesses coming from elsewhere than the Earth, that have arrived in reinforcement in order to assist in this crucial phase of Planetary Ascension. These souls come from different places in the Universe and the neighbouring Universes, each with respective missions, very specific "assignments", and they become allies of the humans of the Earth having humanitarian missions. It is the combination of achievements of all these missions that will enable the success of the global plan of liberation, of cosmic disclosure, and of Ascension of a maximum of humans to superior frequencies; which will enable the healing of many traumas and deteriorations present within the genetic of most humans.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - July 2016

At a time when many think the worst insanities have been perpetrated in the past, during the Middle Ages or other time periods considered "primitive", a great majority of humans are not aware that the insanity humanity is experiencing nowadays is just as worrying.

Many ancient prophecies have announced this phase Humanity is about to go through where darkness will reach its height. But darkness can be, and often is today, odourless, invisible and colourless (wave and frequency wars, entities inhabiting the inter-dimensions). Which makes it even harder to identify. Everyday, the Human civilisation is a victim of crimes against Humanity, killed or weakened a little more each day by means of its educational, media, pharmaceutical, agri-food, and military systems. The agendas of attacks are hastened in order to provoke global conflicts. Humans are progressively disconnecting themselves from their higher self, that is to say : from their soul, as well as from the soul and consciousness of everything that surrounds them : Animal Kingdom, Vegetal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom... in other words, the Earth... The very planet on which they incarnated, so as to be able to manifest their higher Consciousness in a physical form for an instant, borrowing a temporal terrestrial physical identity.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - June 2016

Many are those who have experienced and who are currently experiencing spiritual awakening symptoms that correspond to the symptoms of the current mutation of our physical and spiritual bodies in Ascension process currently happening on Earth, since the end of the 26 000 years long cycle it was in. This cycle was completed at the end of 2012, as announced by the Mayas, and back then, many understood it would be the end of the World when it was in fact the end of the "Ancient World", this world operating exclusively on the base of the first 3 chakras and energetic centres.

The "Ascension" concept is often misunderstood and represented in the minds of those embarking on a spiritual journey by the action of leaving matter and "going" into other dimensions. The invisible planes are often "idolized" and seen with admiration and the "matter" planes disregarded. Those concepts are dangerous and show that the people who have adopted them have not quite understood the science of Ascension and what it really means. It is a mistake perpetuated in most religions that are also feeding those ideas, as well as in most spiritual communities. Ascension is not a "spiritual concept" and can very well, if explained scientifically, be understood by a cartesian mind. The problem is that there are so many amalgams and distortions made on Earth in terms of the teachings of those realities that many reject those topics, wrongly associating them to myths, religions, or esoteric concepts, while they are pure Science and Quantum Physics only and very well compatible with a rational mind, and one that is not indoctrinated in any form of belief nor dogma.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - May 2016

If our World ended up where it is today, it is because of various elements involved, not only since the beginning of this current civilisation, but since long before, as the distortion was already there within previous civilisations. The current human civilisation is not the first and only civilisation to have set foot on planet Earth across its 4.5 billion years of existence.

What is an egregore?

An egregore is an aggregation of Thought-Forms. A thought-form is a thought that was thought enough times (and in which was infused enough energy) so that it was able to take a form, and subsequently exist in the astral plane. Thought-forms and egregores exist in other dimensions than the physical dimension, but are very "real" in those dimensions. As we know that everything that exists in other planes also influences the physical plane, we understand how crucial it is to understand the functioning and the impact of egregores and thought-forms in our daily lives. Some egregores have been created by thought-forms that were sufficiently thought and sustained by disconnected human beings, while others have been consciously created by some forces, civilisations far more aware of the Universal Laws (secret societies) and whom are used to snatch humans' consciousnesses into programs.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - April 2016

The acceleration of time is more and more palpable. The manifestation of our thoughts is increased a tenfold.

Those who are "reconnected" with their true nature are now evolving at very high speed. Humanity is now dividing into two, with on the one side Consciousness growing in importance and grounding itself more and more on Earth, and on the other, unconsciousness and deviance worsening more and more. Exactly the way it happened in the Past already, at the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. Our human civilisation is not the first one to have existed upon this planet. Planet Earth is more than 4,5 billion years old and the History we were given is far from being the one that has really been occurring for millions of years.

Many were already incarnated in Atlantis and/or in Lemuria for instance, and are coming back today to carry on this work of emancipation of the planet, from the forces that have enslaved it. Until the human civilisation understands what it is being a "victim" of, then no external saviour can set it free. The transformation must come from inside of each human being, and the will to free ourselves from the beliefs, dogmas and mind programming we were subjected to, must overcome the fear of facing the truth. Denial is indeed the worst virus having infected humans and it is what, to this day, still enables such a refusal to accept another version of the reality that we were presented with for thousands of years.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - January 2016

Change is what propels human beings into developing their own internal resources, and thus into surpassing themselves. Many say they do not like change. Behind each affirmation a human could make, there is always a true "reason" hiding in the background. "I do no like change" simply means: "I can not stand the level of stress change makes me feel, I do not know how to adapt and I am afraid of the unknown as I do not trust myself enough to create my own reality, everywhere I go". An individual who is not afraid of change is simply an individual who trusts his ability to create his reality. "Give me any circumstances, and I will transform this reality with my own colours" : this, as far as I am concerned, is my motto. Only can we evolve if we move out of our comfort zone, and this is what humanity is confronted to globally. Opening our eyes upon the reality of our World and the Universe implies more than one change. And many are not ready to make them yet.

Many of us are called today to "take their positions".

No Soul is here by accident, and even if a great number have been fooled and used as "resource" or "workforce" by the elites and other interdimensional or extra-terrestrial civilisations, today many are aware of the urgency there is for everybody to take their own respective responsibility : opening our own eyes and taking action. Taking action does not necessarily mean to go march in the streets or to write a letter to the president. No, the very first action and the main action we must engage with is that of our own liberation, through Consciousness. And this path implies Discipline, Attention, Courage and Devotion. To be devoted to Consciousness means that everything we do must be carefully sifted through the filters of this New Consciousness, and that our old patterns can simply no longer survive these new filters. When faced with the reality on matters such as : the horror of animal cruelty in the food industry (and in other industries), the toxicity of industrial food, the chemtrails scandals, the health care system scandals, and the reality of extra-terrestrial presence, why do most human beings currently incarnated on Earth, often have such strong reactions?? Because for a fraction of a second, their brain has analysed that if this thing was to be true, it would imply so many CHANGES in their life, that in a fraction of a second the individual has deemed that it would be preferable to reject everything rather than having to later endure the weight of RESPONSIBILITY.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - November 2015

When we go through our spiritual awakening, rarely is the process only joy and ecstasy. The awakening of a human to its true nature, while he has been conditioned and programmed since birth with fake belief systems about his identity, can not be without internal turmoil or indeed without a real and profound existential crisis. This also holds true for the human collective consciousness in general. To believe the spiritual awakening of an entire civilisation is possible without profound worldwide crises happening in all fields would be utopian.

Today, this is what humanity is facing. A Reawakening to its true nature, its true dimension, and to the manipulations it has been suffering for centuries. Individually, everyday, thousands of humans are going through the awakening of their consciousness about the reality of the world that surrounds them, and feel all sorts of symptoms (you may read here the symptoms of spiritual awakening and here the Indigo children characteristic traits) [the latter is not available in English at this time]. A lot of lightworkers (from the Earth or elsewhere as is the case for the Indigo / Starseeds) are awakening to their true identities and respective missions. A lot of alternative medias are being created every day in the entire world and the alternative information is now plentiful. Internet is overflowing with immense resources for any soul who is awakening and getting its head above water, so as to discover all that there is "beyond the matrix", and all that always existed outside the matrix - All this hidden knowledge, these hidden sciences, and these realities hidden from the "human mass" to the benefit of some, who were able to reign and control this world thanks to this advantage of having at their disposal a knowledge that was not accessible to others, and thanks to various manipulation techniques that humans were, and for many of them still are, not aware of.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - March 2015

When a soul incarnates in the physical world and manifests itself through a physical body so as to live in the physical dimension (3rd dimension), it forgets its true nature and ends up in the illusion of the "matrix" and of separation (from everything that surrounds it). It sees itself as separated from other humans, from animals, from plants, from the morning dew; while in reality it is still connected to the Whole. But because of the many veils that were placed in front of its eyes, it has forgotten, and most of the time, has become disconnected from its other perceptions (what resides beyond what meets the eyes). Like so, the individual evolving through this physical body, thinks that what he does to others can not have an impact upon himself. He thinks what he does unto animals can not have an impact upon himself, nor upon the rest of the world. Nor upon the plants. He walks by trees in his street every morning without even noticing them, nor honouring their presence, believing they are "due" or simple "ornaments" deprived of any consciousness. He can cut through trunks without emotion, decimate forests, burn, spray chemicals without feeling any of the disharmony it entails.

For the disconnected individual, life is but individualism, it is about getting by as best we can ("the survival of the fittest"), and providing for our personal needs. There is "us" and there are "the others". There is "us" and "them". No feeling of fusion with the Whole is ever experienced nor felt. The illusion of separation of the matrix has been perfectly executed upon these individuals. Oftentimes, these individuals whom are "disconnected" from their true nature, have a predominant "negative" ego, and the social, racial, religious identification, or of any other form of conditioning or belief, is very pronounced. The individual, thus trapped into his beliefs, sees himself as separated from his neighbours, from the pig he eats in slices, from the cow he eats in burgers, from the cow's calf he deprived from milk when drinking his morning hot chocolate, from the rabbit he wears as a hoodie. These people can watch documentaries and observe the consequences their actions may have upon other humans or animals, and yet carry on. They are unable to put themselves into somebody else's shoes, and it would in fact not even come close to their minds, so much the level of separation between them and "the others" is huge. This gives them the illusion of being absolutely not responsible of what they do, say or even think. In short, they live on a planet ruled upon "community" and "communion", as if they were alone. Which gives birth to all the malfunctioning we can observe upon the world (wars, human and animal abuse, destruction of the environment and depleting of vital resources, etc.).

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - February 2015

In the last few months, many of you have been hearing this ongoing call ringing within you, getting louder and louder. You are currently experiencing an inner fight between these two aspects of yourself: who you were "before" and who you are called to become, although we should probably say instead: who you truly are. What is important to understand is that every time your soul is urging you to do, say or be something, it is so as to bring you closer to who you truly are, not so as to have you become somebody else. Sometimes, individuals have forgotten who they were so much that from an external point of view, seeing them evolve can appear to be a radical change, and like "becoming somebody else" ("you have changed, you are not the same" you might have heard). Maybe you then answered: "I have not changed, I just evolved", with this deep inner feeling of becoming each day a little more "who you are". This inner feeling brings you much happiness, indescribable with terrestrial words, and even more so indescribable to those who are not experiencing it. But at the same time, it is bringing along a new source of stress, as "who you are" truly matches less and less, or even not at all anymore, your "old life", nor the current patterns of society.

This old life is for many of you still physically present even though "spiritually" and in your consciousness, you have evolved. Let's say that these physical things are the "residues" of your old consciousness (your work, your toxic love relationship, where you live, how you eat, your acquaintances, the places you go out to, your activities, etc.). Everything we do and possess is the refection of our level of awareness and of who we are in this present moment. Be it our work, in the way we dress, we eat, we speak, we write, and especially in the way we think... Our consciousness, or lack thereof, is infused and reflected in everything we are, everything that makes us up, everything that represents us, everything that is part of our reality. The infusion of our "personality" also adds up to it all. Personality is the "unique" aspect that will distinguish us. It is first innate and then shaped throughout the years depending on our experience. Even animals have a personality, and it is useless to fight against it, as some spiritual currents recommend to, and to attempt to annihilate it so as to be free and connected to the source. Our personality is part of us and makes up who we are, and trying to eradicate it is rejecting ourselves, rejecting who we are.

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - January 2015

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - October 2014

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By Laura Marie of the Harmonic Universe Academy - April 2014

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