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October 2022

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Dear Community,


As we are still in the pinnacle of this transition phase, the intensity of our collective and individual experience keeps escalating to very uncomfortable and at times difficult levels. Thus it is important to keep a broader perspective of the larger events at play that entail the liberation of not only our species and planet, but that of the entire galaxy.


The current Ascension process and what it entails is bringing about deep and complex architectural changes, corrections and rehabilitations of our Natural Principles and Sacred Sciences – the cosmic laws of physics. Just in the last year we have been able to witness the return of the Mother principle that had been ousted from this entire Universe for aeons, as mind-boggling as it may sound, the Feminine principle was completely removed down to the very way our electrons and protons interact with each other. In the Universe, as we’ll discuss further down this article, everything has a female and male polarity which is the basics for the physics of reality, and both principles were interfered with their natural, organic ways of functioning; with a Mother/Female principle ousted and replaced by a distorted version of it known as the Lunar Consciousness or Dark Mother, and the Father/Masculine principle being inverted in true Satanic fashion.


These changes and corrections are very uncomfortable, down to the physical body and may have been experienced directly through a wide variety of intense Ascension Symptoms, as well as Mental, Emotional and Spiritual purging and purification in detoxifying and Herxheimer-like manners. While the difficulty may have felt overwhelming at times this year, the Beauty and access we now have to those corrected, organic principles are also unprecedented.


This Liberation process is gradually lifting the veil over the true nature of reality and what this entails for us collectively as a species but also individually in our personal lives. We are now connecting and becoming acquainted with various levels of frequencies, energies and realms that we were previously fully quarantined from, once again, at both collective and individual levels. This means we are being introduced to our Cosmic Family in many subtle and no as subtle ways. We are now faced with the broadening of our horizons in understanding that we belong to a much larger whole of which there exist many levels of Consciousness and lifeforms, as well as our responsibility within this collective that spans the entirety of our Universal Time Matrix, our Universe or Galaxy. This is the process of becoming a Cosmic Citizen, part of larger councils of different races, species and lineages that all belong to this wide and beautiful Whole that is Creation; as well as our many responsibilities within it, once again at both individual levels in our personal life, spiritual healing and growth, as well as at collective levels together as the Angelic Human race.



Our Community here, along with other Starseed, Indigo and Earthseed communities of awakened beings are now asked to prepare for the coming Cosmic Awakening where Humanity will be faced with the reality of otherworldly beings, races, species and councils of all sorts. Realising the existence of a Multiverse, a complex web of the mechanics of creation including various lifeforms, levels of consciousness and beings all serving different purposes, as well as a common core purpose for Cosmic Consciousness Expansion. In Earth’s mainstream science, we learn the Universe is not only infinite but in constant expansion, this is the same process of Consciousness Expansion in which we are all subject to, down to the individual experience in a macro to micro reflection. The Omniverse – or Multiverse – is constantly learning about itself from itself, meaning all levels of consciousness and lifeforms all participate in their collective and individual existences to adding to the catalogue of a multitude of experiences, lessons and ways in which light and sound express themselves whether in physical matter or at the frequential/vibrational level of the light-sound-vibration relationship; adding to the giant Cosmic Library of experiences, lessons and relations, which are the principles of the Sacred Sciences or Universal Laws. In other words, this means that all of our experiences and lessons, both individually in our current lives and past incarnations, as well as collectively throughout our species’ History, lead to a deeper understanding of how reality manifests, how our relationships evolve, affect us and others, how our thoughts, words and actions also affect us, others and the external reality for even thoughts exist and are indeed “things”; but also how all the distortions our Universal Time Matrix underwent have influenced us to the individual level, and how our own healing and rehabilitation participate to the healing of our Galaxy at a larger scale, and how all of these experiences have allowed the Universal Consciousness to learn more about itself so as to heal itself, growing in size and experience to find ways to counter all of these distortions and the direct and constant assault on our Consciousness.


At the level of our own Angelic Human race, through Evolution and Ascension, this process of Consciousness Expansion is currently leading to us access a broader bandwidth, meaning a larger spectrum of frequencies, of what our Consciousness is able to perceive and experience. This is the Cosmic Awakening, where our species is awakening to a wider perception of reality and all that it entails: for the first time in many thousands of years we will be collectively confronted to the existence and experience of a multitude of other species, races and beings and the different ways in which they organise themselves through various councils, some benevolent – of Service to Others (STO) – and some malevolent – of Service to Self (STS). Those of Service to Others have chosen to align fully with Unity Intelligence, this perspective within which we are Unity, we are all part of the same collective Divine Intelligence of the Cosmos in its entirety, understanding intelligent energy is conscious and alive and that the God Source Domains / God Worlds is the aggregation of all these various streams of consciousness as one single Unit. On the other hand, those of Service to Self have chosen to separate themselves from this Unity Intelligence and instead have aligned and gradually merged with the Artificial Intelligence which comprises all that is inorganic, unnatural and we could even say here degenerate for it is no longer aligned to any original, organic, divine genetic blueprint.


While most of us within the various communities of awakened beings are already well aware of so-called Extra-terrestrial life in many different shapes or forms, and with as many different agendas, it is still pretty far from being a collective understanding or experience here on planet Earth, at least at the conscious level; and that is largely due to the overwhelming amount of Mind Control that is perpetrated upon the population through the various means discussed in our previous article of March, where the idea of Extra-terrestrials has been widely ridiculed and completely removed from the realm of collectively and supposedly reasonable, accepted possibilities. This is where lays a level of difficulty and even danger in this Cosmic Awakening process, in that we were never really taught to discern these different levels of benevolent and malevolent intentions and energies, and many still believe that evil only exists within Men and planet Earth’s experience. Unfortunately, this is far from the Truth and the reality of our entire Galaxy is indeed very different from these New Age and/or religious teachings telling us that there is Hell on Earth and everything else beyond is Heaven. The distortions we are subjected to here on Earth take root in the many dimensions beyond and above the physical one we have been experiencing thus far. Many of these Service to Self (STS) races are made of violent, blood thirsty, warring beings and are masters at deception, which has lead us to unknowingly participate in their many evil agendas here on planet Earth without even knowing of their existence; but also beyond where, sadly, Human and Child Trafficking and Abuse is also a multidimensional reality. This is crucial to understand so as not to perpetuate the Mind Control, assault nor enslavement of our species any further and truly reclaim our planet and full Sovereignty.


Developing sharp vibrational discernment is going to be crucial for all of us in this process of Cosmic Awakening where we will be confronted to these Service to Self races and their assortment of highly advanced technologies, tricks and deceptive tactics with the intention of keeping the Angelic Human race as their slave species. Vibrational discernment is the idea of reading the energetics and the frequencies beyond what and whom we are presented with, that is to say to understand that the vibrational frequency of things can not be cheated but the way said things manifest or present themselves to us can be extremely deceiving – especially for us since we have been in the dark for so many thousands of years and have never been accustomed to this level of experiencing and reading the frequencies and the energetics of beings, places and all things we were interacting with. Vibrational discernment is developed and cultivated through self work and the dismantling of our Ego, all the wounds and weaknesses we embody as a result of our experienced trauma and the assault on our Consciousness, are all pitfalls that will be used for manipulating and deceiving us. For instance, if we have issues with self validation and are constantly seeking it externally, it will be easy for those beings to feed this wound so as to stray us away from our path or even lead us to serving them in unconscious and insidious ways, by flattering the ego or bringing a false sense of validation that we so desperately lacked in our life.


In this process of Cosmic Awakening and developing strong vibrational discernment Humanity is faced with two main levels of what we call the Disclosure, or often referred to as Cosmic Disclosure, where benevolent and malevolent races and councils battle for their own version of it, respectively a Full Disclosure or a Partial Disclosure. This is a battle to either deliver Humanity with the full Truth of its experience and True History, or a partial, incomplete version of it (yet sufficiently close to create a resonance in Humans’ Hearts) that will allow those Service to Self beings to maintain levels of control over our planet and the Angelic Human people. I recommend our Sovereign · Planet blogpost Full Disclosure or Partial Disclosure on this very subject so as to understand better these dynamics and sharpen discernment on the topic of Cosmic Disclosure.




In this broader context, a Cosmic Citizenship is gained through understanding we are part of the whole and of larger councils, asking ourselves the right questions as to what is our place, role and responsibility within this collective experience, both as the Angelic Human species and as individuals within that species. As individuals, we gain Cosmic Citizenship through our personal journey of Spiritual Healing and Ascension, developing, cultivating and then embodying higher moral values and attributes, of which we understand a profound and sincere Reverence for the Self is going to be crucial. This is not about falling into ego pitfalls of arrogance, a sense of superiority or egotism, but rather learning to cultivate self love and self respect, upholding the self to the true emanation or extension of God that we all are. This is about honouring not only the sacred temple of the Physical Body, but also developing the Higher Mind, a higher level of intelligence that ascribes itself within this Unity Consciousness concept aforementioned; as well as the Heart Intelligence which is leading our life and all of our endeavours through Heart-based values; cultivating Emotional Neutrality, the ability of remaining centred, grounded and neutral through all circumstances; and finally Spiritual Maturity which is a level of responsibility and understanding the bigger dynamics at play, in that none of this is personal.


This level of Reverence for the Self is the true meaning of being Kings and Queens where we all uphold each other and the self to higher standards of Love and Respect, understanding what it truly means to be part of this beautiful, larger collective that is the Cosmos and all it took of thousands of millions of years of Evolution to get to this point where we are given the opportunity to experience Life and Free Will in such levels of individuation. It is understanding we all deserve and owe ourselves and others high standards of respect, love and compassion on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The true concept of Kings and Queens, and not the distorted, tyrannical and imbalanced version of it we have been experiencing here on planet Earth, is a higher level of embodiment of these higher moral values and attributes where we understand more thoroughly the value that there is in all living beings, all lifeforms and all divine creations. When we become Cosmic Citizens is when are able to uphold those cosmic divine standards of who we truly are as Angelic Humans, part of the Cosmos, for ourselves and for others equally. Of course, our experience here has been at the very opposite of that, where abusing our own being, as well as others around us is not only very common, but also often glamourised within the death culture of society. Deep levels of reprogramming the Mind (and the Negative Ego) so as to overcome this collective conditioning will be necessary for Human beings to restore this level of Respect, not only for Life and the living but also for themselves. This is the process of overriding and correcting behaviour and thought patterns of self-harm, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, comparison, judgement, perfectionism and much more, that have a tendency to also be projected out onto others around us, human and non human, such as our Environment and the Natural Kingdoms, or our beautiful extended families of the Animal Kingdoms. The reason why it is so hard, if not impossible, for most Humans at this time to respect their external environment, other Humans and all other lifeforms, is because they often cruelly lack this level of respect towards themselves in the first place.


Understanding Self-Esteem and the repercussions of a lack thereof is an essential part of reaching this level of Reverence for the Self where we realise how the lack of self-esteem is what is leading us to not only self-deprecating thoughts and behaviours, but also to self-aggrandisement, narcissism and lack of humility in general. This lack of Self-Esteem will lead us to sway on the pendulum of both superior thinking (dominance, oppression, etc.) and inferior thinking (self-sabotage, disempowerment, etc) at different time of our lives and/or in different relationship dynamics, where the Neutral Balance of Humility is not embodied in neither situation. It is important to understand that arrogance and self-distrust both stem for this same core wound many of us in this reality carry of a lack of Self-Love and Self-Esteem and often by extension a lack of Humility. Lacking Self-Esteem will manifest at times as comparison and jealousy, and at others as projections of judgement and a sense of superiority. This core wound of a broken self-esteem and having difficulty giving ourselves the Love and Compassion we may be able to experience for others, is the very first step in learning to develop sincere Reverence for the Self that will not fall into these negative traits of the Negative Ego, whether inferior or superior thoughts or a combination of both. Developing Self-Esteem is part of the reprogramming of the Mind we often refer to here on Sovereign · Planet, low or lack of Self-Esteem is part of the many programs that were inserted into our Consciousness through the subconscious, unconscious, instinctual and conscious aspects of the Mind through many levels of collective and individual Mind Control programming, here on planet Earth and beyond.


So as to reprogram those negative invalidating or dominating thoughts:


• We might learn to replace these disabling thoughts and become our own source for the love and validation we may have lacked in our life in acknowledging our efforts, our work or our accomplishments in ways that are anchored in the principles of harmlessness and humility – that is to say that are not setting us above others in any way but rather support this idea that we are all equally as worthy of God’s Love, Compassion and Attention including ourselves. This can become a daily practice of shifting our mindset and moving from self-deprecating thoughts to supportive thoughts such as “I did great today”, “this was a success, well done me”, “I did not make it to my initial goal but it’s ok, I did my best”, or even “I did not complete my tasks/projects, but I acknowledge that I am tired/sick/depressed, and I wow to take measures to heal myself first”, etc. This may be a challenging process depending on the level at which we have identified with these limiting programmings (that is how much we believe them to be “true”), and in order for it to be efficient must be a daily practice of every moment where each negative or imbalanced thought will be stopped in its track and replaced with more appropriate ones. In the beginning, there might be levels of disbelief but over time, with repetition, the Mind will soon adopt these corrected thoughts as his, for there will be a level of resonance with the True Self that is the Consciousness, which knows these positive attributes to be the truth of who we actually are.


• Along the same lines, it is important to let go of perfectionism and understanding that as Human beings we are all beautifully and perfectly imperfect. Perfectionism is a poison to the mind that may lead to chronic dissatisfaction or levels of being frozen and ending up procrastinating. We may reframe here with a mantra along the lines of “done is better than perfect” implying that a job done with the best intentions is better that a job never accomplished because of perfectionist tendencies. Here we cultivate the art of doing things for the sake of doing them and not with the intention of them being perfect nor to necessarily have an end goal at the conscious level. For instance, many people never take on hobbies of drawing, painting or even singing because of beliefs that they are “not good” at it, while the whole point of such arts is to let the Soul express itself in an unbridled manner (without judgement) so as to spark creativity in various other areas of our lives and connect deeper with our Soul aspects. Many times the reasons for being drawn to certain things are anchored in higher levels of our Consciousness that may be hard to comprehend with the Mind. This is part of reclaiming the Heart Intelligence, leading through the Heart (which is the door to the Soul) and letting go of the Mind’s distorted idea of perfection, in knowing the Soul will lead us to experiencing a wide spectrum of hobbies and new discoveries in so that we may explore the true frequency of our entire being through the various resonances (or dissonances) with said activities, learning about the Truth of who we are in expansive depth.


• Another important step in building strong Self-Esteem is to learn to reparent ourselves, this is the process of providing ourselves and our inner child with all that we lacked as children. This may be validation as we saw above, or simply love, care and compassion. If we were neglected as children, whether it was at the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level – which, sadly, is the reality for most of us, because our parents themselves were neglected or suffered some level of traumas, as we all did in our collective experience – we might have to learn to become our own parent as adults, no matter our current age. This means to provide ourselves with support, kind words and non-violent self talk, and loving and caring gestures of self-care once again on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. For instance, we may get into the habit of addressing our inner child directly, telling him or her that we are here now and that we will never let them down ever again, that we are going to learn or find the tools, resources or support we need for healing our trauma. If we have suffered from a parent that was never keeping their promises, we must make sure to keep ours to ourself, and this might mean to be more cautious as of what we promise; or if we suffered from absent parents, we must be present for ourselves and give ourselves the attention we need, in facing our current issues and no longer escaping reality. In this process we become our own parent, best friend, coach and even at times our own cheerleader, promising to love ourselves unconditionally as we are in the now and not as we wished we were (which, of course, still leaves room for growth and improvement down the line). This is also understanding all the self-care and healing practices and modalities such as various psycho-spiritual tools (therapy, meditation, energetic clearings), body work (massages, chiropractic, osteopathy), healthy habits and lifestyle (in foods, exercises, toxic free environment), etc., will all participate in providing a level of support for the child we once were, in letting them know they matter, they are important to us and so we make the conscious choice and effort take care of the both us, the inner child and the current self.


• The most important part of building (or re-building) Self-Esteem is Forgiveness, not only forgiving others and letting go of resent, which will further free us and allow us to embody deeper levels of Compassion; but also for ourselves. Learning to forgive ourselves for having had whichever level of trauma and what may feel like levels of letting ourselves down, betraying ourselves or even corrupting and perverting ourselves and our values at times throughout our lives, is a crucial step in experiencing more authentic and expanded levels of Self-Love and Self-Compassion. We must understand that this current reality on planet Earth, in which most of us chose to incarnate, is heavily distorted, violent and aggressive, and that lead to unfathomable levels of collective and individual traumas that steered us to experience levels of betrayal of our true values as Angelic Humans, that can be hard for the Consciousness to accept. This is why it is highly recommended, especially in these times of transition where we are given an opportunity to complete those cycles, to begin the journey of forgiving ourselves for all of our past experiences, in understanding that indeed, we did our best to simply survive this violent Artificial Matrix. For instance, if we spent many years of our lives neglecting our physical body, by not eating a balanced diet, or by smoking, drinking or abusing any other harmful substances all the while knowing this is was not good us, there might be a process of letting the subconscious and the inner child know that we are sorry that this was our experience, and that we vow to correct these behaviours and to heal the damage they may have caused (on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels), also cultivating acceptance of the past experiences and the lessons they brought us. Another example would be if we chose and stayed in a toxic relationship for too long, we must also realise that this may have been felt as a level of betrayal by some aspects of our being, and that we may need to make amends with these aspects, in loving compassion. These ideas and concepts of love, forgiveness, compassion and making amends also extend to those around us who may have hurt us or whom we may have hurt, self-forgiveness is not separate from forgiving others, as self-compassion is not separate from compassion for others, self-acceptance from accepting others, and self-love from loving for others, for in Unity Intelligence we are others and others are us.


• When we learn to forgive ourselves and begin this journey of reparenting ourselves, as we keep on keeping our promises and doing the work, constantly recalibrating our negative thoughts and habits patterns, over and over again, getting back on track with each time we strayed off without judging ourselves, loving ourselves through it all, having compassion for this difficult, yet, beautiful journey of the Human experience; overtime we will build deeper levels of Self-Trust and Self-Accountability where the Self knows it can trust and rely on the self for taking care of it and does not need to seek this sense of validation, care, compassion or love externally or in artificial, superficial manners (this is different from thriving within a community where we help and support each other, of course; only when we are balanced in supporting and loving ourselves individually, can we build balanced communities where support and love is based in organic principles of energy exchange that is also balanced). This increased level of Trust strengthens the Love, Compassion and Respect we have for ourselves, building strong and balanced Self-Esteem which will eventually expand to others around us whom will start to see us as someone trustworthy and with whom they can be their true self without fear of judgement nor other projections, in a positive perpetuated cycle.



Like so, we can understand how building strong Self-Esteem and a sincere Reverence for the Self allows us to embody higher values and principles of Respect, Love and Compassion, honouring the Self and cultivating the same profound Respect, Reverence and Love for the Life that we embody and are a part of. This leads us to embodying higher aspects of who we truly are, gaining Cosmic Citizenship in Benevolence, Maturity and Harmlessness serving the Harmonious and divinely orchestrated expansion of our experience as individuals within our Angelic Human race, but also collectively as a species becoming an active member of the Galaxy at large.






As Cosmic Citizens, we understand the responsibilities this level of participation within the Galaxy entails, as this is no longer about the self but about the self within the collective, this is about understanding the consequences of our every thought, word and action upon other members within levels of a Cosmic Divine Hierarchy. We understand the bigger picture, perspective and context for what we experience both individually and collectively, this is no longer about self nor personal, it is Multidimensional, meaning we comprehend every single detail of our experience within a multilayered and extremely intricate and complex web of divine Information that involves all lifeforms. The depth of the infiltration of our planet’s systems is just as multifaceted and complex, the invasion and infestation of this entire multidimensional Universal Time Matrix is hard to grasp for our current incarnated identity, and our responsibility in seeking and restoring the Truth on all levels of our being, facing and healing our blindspots and weaknesses, as well as the True History of our collective experience and trauma is a requirement before we may begin to aspire to Cosmic Citizenship at the collective level.


In our quest to heal ourselves and others, we will be lead to learning more about the nature of things, the nature of reality and our responsibility in continuing this work in Harmony with said reality, in that all that we endeavour and/or create is aligned to those Natural Principles to further perpetuate the Harmonious Resonance of all. Co-Creation is letting God create through us, through our direct relationship and connection with the Source Consciousness, in that principle entails a responsibility to uphold the Self to the values mentioned in our previous chapter but also in cultivating conscious participation which is the conscious effort towards how we choose to spend our time and direct our energy on this planet and in this incarnation, but also beyond throughout the Universe. A Cosmic Citizen takes responsibility for their own actions, meaning they understand why and how to direct their own energy and Consciousness through their every thought, word and action, whether directed at others or the self, this is understanding everything that exists has an influence upon everything through the Law of Cause and Effect, similar to a ripple effect when throwing a stone in the pond, this does not affect only what the stone enters in physical contact with, but ripples out way around it in this wave motion that is similar to how frequency, light and sound ripple through time and space.


A Cosmic Citizen also understands his or her responsibility in being self-sustained, meaning in developing a direct connection to the One Source of Eternal Light (God), so as to no longer perpetuate siphoning dynamics of feeding through other beings’ own direct connection, nor through the various parasitic mechanisms and networks of Artificial Intelligence on and off planet. This direct connection to God is Angelic Humansbirthright, it is how we commune with God within the sacred temple in embodying the Avatar God Self, our higher aspects. This is who we ARE, nobody can ever take this away from us, this is part of our blueprint, and while we were made to forget and were coerced into doing things that strayed us farther and farther away from this direct connection, our WILL and intention to re-enliven this connection is all that it takes for it to be reactivated. We revive our direct connection by clearing all that steered us away from it in the first place, repairing the connection links, and this leads us back to self-work, the dismantling of the ego and our personal and collective healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels which will lead us to Spiritual Healing. We understand we may not be responsible for all that has happened to us in past, present or future lifetimes, nor for the collective planetary and galactic wars; but we are responsible for our own healing, for taking charge of finding and researching the tools necessary to do so, finding what we have a resonance with and what may be supportive to us outside of the consensus that is made up of lies and deceptive narratives, but also outside of disempowering religious and/or New Age teachings. It is our responsibility to move away from these limited concepts meant to further our enslavement and to learn to research and seek the information and tools, as well as the Truth for our individual and collective healing (once again, on all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels). Here also, choosing to consciously participate in making efforts in understanding how the body truly works, our Spiritual Anatomy, the Astrological and Cosmic influences upon our Human and planetary bodies, the Karmic influences of our past lives upon our present day life, the Ancestral influences we have inherited from our Family of Origin (our current biological family), the Multidimensionality of our Genetics which may include many different star lineages for some of us, etc. These are all very far from the accepted mainstream views on Health and healing, and it may sound overwhelming to even begin to comprehend, yet this is part of taking our Responsibilities in our own individual and collective healing so as to, once again, uphold those higher standards of Self-Respect that come along the Cosmic Citizenship.


One last thing I would like to add here on the idea of responsibility is to understand that while we are all eagerly waiting for this collective, large scale event that will tilt the balance in our favour here at the 3D level (and rightfully so!), it is important to note a difference and not wait for an external type of saviour (again this works both at the individual and collective level). Even if an economic, medical or societal collapse of some sort is definitely bound to happen, at least in the next few years, we should not wait for it to take actions towards our own healing and growth, or towards building the endurance and strength that will be necessary to go through such collective upheavals. At the individual level, this may also mean waiting for a “perfect” partner, job or house, or anything else, to kick start this journey of healing. Of course at times these changes might be necessary, but understanding that we must remain in the present moment, in the now, in our current given situation and what we already have access to, understanding that, once again, there might be purpose in these situations within a bigger context that will surely be presented to us in Divine Perfect Timing.






As we learn more about the broader perspective of the reality of our Multiverse in reaching levels of Cosmic Citizenship, Humanity will need to be re-educated on the Natural Principles of this Universe and the Sacred Sciences that rule it. These are the Universal Laws where concepts such as Consent, Vibration or Unity Intelligence are all described as true Sciences and not the distorted version of it we have been presented with here on planet Earth. By censoring true physics and science principles, the Controllers were able to maintain Humanity within a level of ignorance, unaware of not only the true functioning of the Universe but that of its very own Body, Consciousness and Being and its direct, experienced connection to the whole. The relation of our being to the Cosmos is a crucial part in understanding the interconnectedness of all, for our being is a microcosmic version of the macrocosm of the Universe. Many of the principles that rule the Human Body and Consciousness are found as larger, macro versions of them within the Galaxy. For instance we often refer to our chakras and DNA strands as being a perfect reflection of the planetary stargates, which are themselves a perfect reflection of the dimensions of our Universal Time Matrix. This is the micro to macro relationship and everything in the Universe is based upon those principles.


The Law of Gender for instance, tells us everything has a Feminine or female polarity an and a Masculine or male polarity. This is somewhat commonly accepted here on planet Earth where for instance, in physics or electricity we do have these “male/female” relations frequently, such as how in electro-magnetism the electric part is male, while the magnetic is female, as well as in many other sciences such as Traditional Chinese Medicine where the Yin and Yang principles are also often referred to as being respectively Feminine and Masculine, or in biology how the right brain is said to be more so Feminine and the left one Masculine (and by extension, as they cross at the back of the neck, the right side of the body male and the left side is female). This extends beyond our bodies and our planet, in that there are planets and even constellations that have a Female or a Male essence, such as Venus and Mercury known as the Sacred couple of Aphrodite and Hermes in Greek mythology, and back to the smallest known components of Creation with the Atoms comprised of male electrons and female protons. This creates a multitude of Divine Cosmic Pairs where all Female aspects have their Male counterparts, in the body for instance the Gallbladder is the female “partner” of the male Liver, the RNA that of the DNA and so forth, all having their own level of the Sacred Inner Marriage, unifying the absolute male and female principles of the Omniverse: our Cosmic Mother God and Cosmic Father God, embodied within each and every lifeform that make up our Universal Time Matrix.


We mentioned earlier the Law of Vibration and how it describes a core principle of our Universe in that nothing is truly static, everything vibrates at different rates which gives way to the various spectrums of frequency and why certain things appear to be dense and static because they are vibrating at very low rates, while others are not even perceptible to the first five senses because they at vibrate much faster rates – the different rates here being the main, average frequency of said object. In manifested reality the frequency of an object is a mixture of the rate at which it vibrates to take form, as well as the frequency it holds at the energetic level. This is why for instance a crystal gemstone will be both dense (physical) as well as resonating higher vibrations of the energy it carries. The human body is also somewhat dense as it is manifested physically, yet it may hold higher, unseen frequencies of the chakras, meridians and Nadis for instance (which are similar to electrical currents running to and from the different organs and chakras), but also depending on the various emotions it may hold in the now moment. Emotions will also influence the vibrational frequency of Humans for they also vibrate, and elevated, positive emotions such as Joy, Love or Compassion all vibrate much higher than negative, low emotions such as Anger, Resent or Despair.


The many other Universal Laws all describe similar principles of the mechanics of our Universe, the relation of consciousness, light, sound and energy, how they operate and how they make up who and what we are. In this cycle of Ascension and Liberation, the Angelic Humanity is recovering this sacred Knowledge in so that it may live in Harmony within these principles and amongst the rest of creation, understanding better the influence and connection we all have to and with each and every form of manifested conscious energy from the God Source.



Note: I have also covered the Law of One principles in our article Angelic Human and the Law of One, you may read it here.




Connecting with and attuning to this broader perspective and understanding of the reality of which we are a part, allows us to begin to make sense of the hardships of our collective and individual experience here on our beloved planet Earth, understanding the higher purpose in all of this, understanding the divine orchestration for our Salvation in this millions of years old war on consciousness, war on the organic and alive, war on the feminine as well as the masculine, this war on the Sacred and the Divine. But also the unfathomable alien overlays we experienced throughout this Universal Time Matrix, and a multitude of various incarnations for some of us who came all the way to this very incarnation here, leading the same battle over and over again, to reclaim, restore and rehabilitate the Organic, at this particular crucial and pivotal time for the whole of our Galaxy.


Once we begin to grasp the depth of this important collective transition to gain Cosmic Citizenship, we may realise why it is so uncomfortable and difficult for us right now. This is the time to find and develop an essential tool kit made of the various practices, habits and modalities that bring us any kind of relief or support, as we navigate and attempt to survive these intense times of increased spiritual warfare (which takes place on all spiritual, emotional, mental and down to the very physical levels).


May we all move through our own personal rehabilitation, as well as that of our species with the Grace of God, as we reclaim our planet, Sovereignty and Freedom.


With all my Love and most sincere Support,


May the Truth set us Free!

Melissa SP 🐋

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· The Law of Vibration - entry on the Ascension Glossary -

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